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Electric Rates in PA: Finding the Lowest Electric Prices

Written By: Adam Cain

Last Updated: 07/10/2024

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According to the US Energy Information Administration, the average electricity price for residential PA customers in January 2024 was 17.39 per kWh. The average Pennsylvania home uses 10,248 kWh of electricity a year. That translates to 854 kWh of electricity per month, which means the average monthly electricity bill in PA is around $148. This puts PA in the upper 30% of states regarding the cost of electricity.

Average Pennsylvania Electricity Costs

For 2022, the most recent data puts Pennsylvania's average electricity price for residential customers at 16.51¢ per kWh. The average Pennsylvania home uses 846 kWh of electricity per month and the average electricity bill in Pennsylvania is $114.90 per month.

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Average Rate per/kWh

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846 kWh

Average Usage per month

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Average Cost per month


11th Highest

Average Rate

32nd Highest

Average Usage

26th Highest

Average Cost

Source: Energy Information Administration (EIA)

If you're a Pennsylvania resident, you likely have the benefit of Energy Choice, sometimes known as PA Electric Choice. This means that you can compare Pennsylvania electricity rates, switch providers, and potentially save money on your bill.

2024 PA Electric Suppliers

Choose your Pennsylvania utility provider to compare featured offers from leading electricity providers. Keep in mind that different plans and providers may have different terms and conditions that impact the plan's value. Understanding these conditions is important to effectively evaluate plans and providers.


Price to Compare 10.04¢

The electricity utility's price for electricity supply expressed as a price per kWh, to be used to contrast prices with competitive suppliers.

Best Electricity Rates
ProviderPlan NameLengthRate Per kWhSign Up
True Classic 13
13 Mo.9.48¢Select
Tomorrow Energy
12 Month Fixed
12 Mo.9.49¢
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Public Power
Electric 12 Month Fixed Rate
12 Mo.9.49¢Select
True Classic 24
24 Mo.10.88¢Select
36 Month PowerPlug Plan
36 Mo.12.29¢Select
PlanRate Per kWh
True Classic 13

13 Months
Tomorrow Energy
12 Month Fixed

12 Months
Public Power
Electric 12 Month Fixed Rate

12 Months
True Classic 24

24 Months
36 Month PowerPlug Plan

36 Months
  • 100% Renewable Sources
  • Smart Home System Included
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How To Compare Electric Rates in PA

The cost of electricity in PA can vary by region and supplier, so it is important to compare offers to choose the best option for your needs. Use our tool below or at the top of the page to find more detailed information about the best energy suppliers in your area.

How to Compare PA Electric Suppliers
  1. Enter your ZIP Code – Enter your ZIP Code to see providers available in your area.
  2. Compare Electricity Providers & Plans – Pay attention to each plan's terms and conditions, rate, and length.
  3. Switch Electricity Providers – After you find the right plan for you, select it, fill out the necessary information, and switch.

It's important to understand key concepts when comparing plans, such as different types of electricity rates or plan term lengths.

Types of Pennsylvania Electricity Rates

Pennsylvania offers many different types of electricity plans. Here is an overview of some of your options.

Fixed-Rate Electricity Plans

These plans lock in your rate at the advertised price for the duration of the contract. Fixed-rate plans often save you more money than variable-rate plans. It's important to note that when a fixed-rate contract ends, it usually switches to a variable rate. If you want to stay on a fixed-rate plan, negotiate another one with your provider or return to to switch.

100% Renewable Plans

If you’re an advocate for clean energy, you can show your support by choosing a plan that sources 100% of its energy from renewable resources. Look for the “100% Renewable Sources” label to find a renewable energy plan and feel good about the energy you use.

Electricity Plans With Incentives

Some plans include incentives. For example, some plans include incentives like smart-home devices that can schedule lights to turn off and on and monitor your appliances’ efficiency. Available incentives can be found in the plan details section for any electricity plan.

Variable-Rate Electricity Plans

These plans may change rates periodically based on market conditions. If you are not living somewhere for long, having a variable rate may be beneficial since these plans often come without cancellation fees. However, with variable-rate plans, you face the risk of paying more since unpredictable factors can lead to higher rates.

Your specific circumstances may impact the type of plan that works best for you, so it's important to compare options carefully before switching.

About PA Electric Choice

PA Electric Choice refers to the ability to choose your electricity supplier in Pennsylvania. To understand how it works, it’s important to distinguish between utility companies and electricity suppliers

Electricity suppliers (aka electricity providers) supply the electricity you use, while utility companies deliver electricity to your home and bill you.

By default, your utility company in Pennsylvania is also your electricity supplier. Electric Choice gives you the option to choose a different supplier. If you decide to switch suppliers, your utility company will still be responsible for delivering electricity to you and billing you.

Electric Choice can help you realize many potential benefits:

  • Save On Energy Expenses – Find a plan with a lower electricity supply rate, and you can save on your electricity bills.
  • Bill Predictability – Some fixed-rate electricity plans can lock in your electricity supply rate for years, helping to avoid unexpected rate hikes.
  • Support Renewable Energy – Source your electricity from 100% renewable energy with a renewable electricity plan.

The Official PA Power Switch Website

The Pennsylvania PUC also has its own switching site, PA Power Switch. While this resource provides a large list of options, it may not disclose hidden fees or other important factors that may affect overall cost. It's important to understand PA Power Switch and research plans before committing.

Reading Your Pennsylvania Electricity Bill

When switching energy providers in Pennsylvania, it is helpful to know the two main types of charges on your bill: utility provider and energy supply charges.

Utility Provider Charges

These include distribution charges, customer charges, and any other charges that go to the utility provider. The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission regulates these charges, and they do not change when you switch electricity providers.

Energy Supply Charges

These are the charges for the electricity you use. This part of the bill changes when you switch electricity providers. Your current electricity supply rate is located on your bill.

When you switch electricity providers, your utility provider still bills you. Your new electricity provider is the only thing that changes.

Pennsylvania Utility Providers with Energy Choice

Click below to learn more about Pennsylvania utilities offering Energy Choice.

Find the best electricity rates for some of the most popular areas in Pennsylvania.

Business and Commercial Electricity Rates in Pennsylvania

Electricity deregulation can help business owners save on energy costs. However, the switching process may be more involved than it is for residential customers. That is because the rates available to a business depend more heavily on factors like electricity usage.

To find the best rates for your business, head to our marketplace to compare rates from leading providers in your area. If your business electricity bill exceeds $10,000, fill out the form on’s business electricity page. An representative will then contact you to help you find the right plan.

Pennsylvania Electricity Rates FAQ's

Can I switch electricity providers in Pennsylvania?

Most Pennsylvania residents benefit from Energy Choice. This means they can compare competing offers from electricity providers and choose the best one for their home. You have Energy Choice if your local utility provider is Duquesne Light, Met-Ed, Pike County Light & Power, PECO, PPL Electric, Penelec, Penn Power, or West Penn Power.

What does a kWh of electricity cost in Pennsylvania?

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average cost of electricity in Pennsylvania is 17.39¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh) as of January 2024. This is slightly higher than the national average of 15.45¢ per kWh.

What is PA Power Switch?

PA Power Switch is the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission’s official energy shopping site. It showcases many electricity providers and plans. However, some of these plans and providers have hidden fees that can end up costing you more if you don’t understand your electricity contract, which is why an alternative like is an excellent choice.

How does Pennsylvania generate electricity?

Pennsylvania mainly generates electricity from natural gas, nuclear energy, and coal. Here is an approximate breakdown of sources as of January 2024:
Natural Gas: 53.7%, Nuclear: 30.6%, Coal: 11.7%., Renewables: 3.7%

Who is the cheapest electricity supplier in Pennsylvania?

It depends. PA electricity providers offer different rates at different times depending on what they can offer. The best way to find the cheapest supplier is by checking, entering your ZIP Code, and comparing offers. If you’re willing to lock in a longer-term contract, you can usually secure a lower rate.