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Founded in 1896, the Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) provides safe and reliable energy service to over 894,000 customers across Washington, DC, and surrounding areas in Maryland. PEPCO is a unit of Exelon Corporation which services over 10 million customers across the united states. In 2019, Pepco donated over $3.4 million to 200 local organizations.​

If you’re a PEPCO customer, you enjoy the ability to choose your electricity provider, also known as Energy Choice. Keep reading to learn more about how you can find the best PEPCO electricity rates and switch providers today!

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Here are some of the best electricity rates available for PEPCO customers in Maryland.

Utility: PEPCO
Price to Compare: 8.35¢ / kWh
Plan Term & Rate per kWh
Energy Harbor

Energy Harbor

PT Safe Harbor 12

12 months
Energy Harbor

Energy Harbor

PT Safe Harbor 24

24 months

Rates Updated: 10/30/2020.

To see all rates available on, enter your ZIP Code in the Rate Comparison Tool at the top of the page.

What is PEPCO Energy Choice?

By default, PEPCO customers receive both their electricity delivery and supply through PEPCO. By participating in Energy Choice, PEPCO customers can choose their electricity provider and realize potential savings over the default rate that PEPCO charges for the supply of electricity.

There are over 100 electricity providers that PEPCO customers can choose from, ranging from small, local electric companies to large national providers like Constellation and Direct Energy. Some providers, like Tomorrow Energy, specialize in providing 100% renewable energy plans. makes your choice simple by eliminating the guesswork and only giving you great rates from leading providers to choose between. All providers found in our Marketplace are reputable and trustworthy, so you can be confident in your choice.

How to Compare PEPCO Electricity Plans’s goal is to make electricity shopping as easy as possible. The Rate Comparison Tool helps you quickly compare the best plans in your area and enroll in minutes. All you have to do is follow this simple three-step process.

Compare PEPCO Electricity Rates


  1. Enter your ZIP Code – See available plans for PEPCO customers.
  2. Compare electricity providers and plans – Pay attention to each plan’s electricity supply rate and plan length.
  3. Switch electricity providers – After you find the right plan for you, fill out the necessary information, and switch.

That’s it! Your new provider will take over within one to two billing cycles. You will still pay your electricity bills through the PEPCO utility and the only change will be the electricity supply rate on your bill.

PEPCO Service Area

PEPCO delivers electricity and natural gas across 640 square miles in Washington DC and the surrounding areas in Maryland.

Pepco Electricity Rates Service Area


Cities Served:

Counties Served:

  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George’s County

Understanding Your PEPCO Electricity Bill

There are two separate types of charges on your PEPCO electric bill, delivery charges, and supply charges. With Energy Choice, you can take control of your electricity supply charges by switching electricity providers.

PEPCO Delivery Charges

Delivery charges generally go to PEPCO and are there to support the delivery of your electricity. These charges do not change when you switch electricity providers since the Maryland Public Service Commission sets them for each utility in the state.

Supply Charges

Supply charges are charges for the electricity that you use. The cost for your energy supply is what changes when you switch electricity providers. You can compare electricity plans by using the electricity supply rate on your bill.

For more information visit our PEPCO electricity bill page,

PEPCO Price To Compare

PEPCO’s Price to Compare is the rate per kilowatt-hour for the default electricity supply from PEPCO. You use the Price to Compare when comparing electricity providers and plans. This number is listed on your PEPCO electric bill.

PEPCO Utility Contact Information

For power outages, emergencies or billing questions, contact PEPCO directly:

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