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Commercial Electricity Rates

Updated: 09/14/2023

If you operate a commercial business, you face unique challenges every day. Taking a strategic approach to your energy management is one of the best ways you can impact your bottom line.

Keep reading to learn more about commercial electricity rates and how electricity providers can help you build the best energy management strategy for your business.

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Power Purchasing Strategies for Commercial Businesses

If your commercial business spends over $2500 per month on energy bills, you have leverage when it comes to your energy rates.

Commercial electricity suppliers take into account your businesses needs, and risk tolerance to purchase energy at the best possible price.

This is possible due to their advanced insights, knowledge of market trends and various tools that help you manage and forecast future power usage.

Some questions that your provider will ask to assess your commercial electricity needs are:

  • What are your business hours? Do you operate 24 hours a day or on weekends?
  • Do you have the ability to reduce your power consumption?
  • Is your business tolerant to small risks or do you need full budget control?
  • Do you have set sustainability goals?
  • Do you expect your energy usage to increase or decrease in the near future?

Premium Tools To Help Your Business Thrive

Managing your business's energy is impossible without the right tools. Thankfully, providers partnered with offer state-of-the-art software and equipment to help.

  • Budgeting Tools – Combining historical pricing data with your business's energy consumption, budgeting tools can help you accurately measure your energy expenditures.
  • Market Tracking Tools – Top-of-the-line algorithms help you analyze the energy market, automate your energy system and determine when to purchase or consume energy.
  • Peak Load Management Tools – Receive notifications on anticipated peak load times to curb usage and lower capacity charges.
  • Demand Response Tools – Take advantage of demand response incentives and create an extra line of revenue.

Renewable Solutions For Your Commercial Business

With a renewable energy electricity plan, you can get a portion or even the entirety of your electricity supply from renewable sources. This can help your business hit sustainability goals and show that your organization cares about its carbon footprint.

There are a few ways that electricity providers go about this.

  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)REC’s Support green energy generation by offsetting power usage with more green power entering the grid
  • Direct Source Renewables – Allows businesses to procure renewable electricity from renewable power generators in the area.
  • On-Site Solar – Install solar panels that supply renewable electricity directly to your business.

Energy Efficiency Solutions For Commercial Businesses

While managing your business's energy consumption can be a great way to cut your energy expenses, it's not the only way. Retail electricity providers offer energy efficiency solutions that can help lower a business's total energy consumption and energy bills.

To increase a business's energy efficiency, most providers will start with a business energy audit. This involves an energy technician coming out to your business to inspect it. They will then look for inefficiencies in your business and provide recommendations on how to improve it.

If your business doesn't have the capital for the upfront costs, some providers will pay for improvements. The business can then pay for these improvements through payments on its energy bill. After it's paid off, your business can reap the cost savings provided by the energy efficiency improvements.

Natural Gas Solutions For Commercial Businesses

Customization does not stop at the electricity bill. If your business uses a lot of natural gas, there are natural gas plans that you can tailor for your business's needs as well.

As with finding the right electricity plan, getting the perfect natural gas solution for your business is all about understanding its energy consumption. Your energy expert will likely ask similar questions to the ones listed in the previous section.

From there, you can examine natural gas plans ranging from fixed pricing to index pricing to everything in between.

Get a Custom Quote for Your Commercial Business is here to help you find the perfectbusiness electricity ratesand realize all of the benefits we've outlined above.

How to get a custom business energy quote

Call (888) 370-5432for a free custom quote from an Energy Advisor. They'll discuss your specific business's needs including your monthly energy usage, and provide the best rate options.

Small Business Electricity Rates

If your business spends $2500 or less per month on electricity, consider the benefits of Energy Choice for small business electricity rates. There are still significant cost efficiencies and savings to be had by partnering with a business electricity provider!

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