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Maryland Electricity Rates

Compare Maryland Electricity Rates

Here are the current Maryland electricity rates for each utility along with the retail energy provider rates residents can switch to. Start by locating your utility below and selecting the rate you would like to switch to.

Utility: BGE
Price to Compare: 8.14¢ / kWh
PlanTerm & Rate per kWh


24 Month Home Power Plan

24 months

Utility: Delmarva Power
Price to Compare: 7.76¢ / kWh
PlanTerm & Rate per kWh
Direct Energy

Direct Energy

Live Brighter™ 12

12 months

Utility: PEPCO
Price to Compare: 7.58¢ / kWh
PlanTerm & Rate per kWh


36 Month Home Power Plan

36 months

Utility: Potomac Edison
Price to Compare: 6.91¢ / kWh
PlanTerm & Rate per kWh
Clearview Energy

Clearview Energy

Green Value Assurance 6

6 months
Direct Energy

Direct Energy

Live Brighter™ 18

18 months

Maryland Electricity Rates vs the US Average

As of March 2018, Maryland residents pay slightly more for electricity than the US average. The business sector pays 1% more than than the national average while the industrial sector pays 27% more. Maryland has seen their residential electricity rates drop by 7% since 2017. Below is a graph detailing how much Maryland pays for electricity by sector compared to the US average.

price of electricity in Maryland

Maryland Energy Deregulation History

maryland energy deregulation

Energy deregulation is what allows Maryland residents and business shop for lower electricity supply rates than what their utility offers. Energy deregulation was introduced to create price competition between utilities and retail energy providers in attempts to lower rates for consumers.

Maryland’s 1999 Electric Utility Industry Restructuring Act enacted legislation for deregulation of Maryland’s electric supply market.  By 2007, the state was fully deregulated – meaning that most customers were no longer forced to purchase their electricity supply from their local utility. Now Maryland customers can shop around and have a number of providers compete for their business.

How to Switch Electricity Supply Rates

how to switch maryland electricity rates

There are two main parts of an electric bill: (1) Supply, and (2) Delivery and Transmission. A customer’s local utility handles electric delivery and transmission, and this charge doesn’t change if a customer switches to a retail electricity provider. The Supply portion of the bill is what customers are able to shop around for.

To view a list of competitive rates from reliable retail electricity providers in your area, go to top of this page and locate your utility. Below the utility, you will see some of our top competitive plans you can switch to. Or, you can enter your zip code in our compare and switch tool and see all the rates available to you. It is 100% free and can be done in just minutes!

When deciding on a retail electricity provider, look for the following:

  • Low Electricity Rates
    • Find rates that are lower than what you’re currently paying, often referred to as the “Price-to-Compare”. This can be found on your most recent utility bill and is expressed in cents per kWh.
  • Contract Terms that Fit Your Needs
    • Choose between fixed and variable rate plans. Variable plans have rates that can change daily or monthly and fixed plans have rates that are locked in for the duration of the contract.
    • Choose between 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24-month contract durations or month-to-month variable plans.
  • Other Incentives to Switch
    • Renewable and clean electricity source options
    • Multiple bill-pay options
    • Smart grid and Smart meter improvements
    • And more

Maryland Public Utilities

Maryland has 4 energy utilities that serve most residents and businesses in the state. These include BGE, Delmarva Power, PEPCO, and Potomac Edison. If you are a customer of any one of the utilities listed below, you can compare and switch electric supply rates. For more information, click on the utility below.

The Maryland Public Service Commission monitors and regulates all of these public utilities.

Maryland Electric Providers

A variety of retail electricity provider companies entered the market in hopes of gaining new customers. Competition among providers increased as their numbers grew. It is this competition that brings lower Maryland electric prices and more innovative products and services to the electricity market.

For more information on current providers, go to our Maryland Electricity Providers page.