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Business Electricity

Written By: Adam Cain

Last Updated: 01/10/2024

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Energy costs are consistently among the top operating expenses incurred by businesses of all sizes. They can also make or break your bottom line depending on how well they're managed. partners with leading energy suppliers to bring you the best business electricity rates and numerous other customized options. We're here to help you take control of energy costs and grow your business as efficiently and sustainable as possible.

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Partnering with an Energy Advisor understands the importance of reaching your energy goals whether it's saving on your electricity bill or building a comprehensive energy purchasing strategy. Here is how working with an Energy Advisor for your businesses' electricity needs works.

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Small Business Electricity Rates

Deregulated energy laws give small business owners the freedom to switch to a retail electricity provider and lock in the best rate. With energy bill savings that could reach up to 35+%, shopping for small business energy plans is a no-brainer.

When you switch small business electricity providers, energy is still reliably delivered by your local utility. The only thing that will change is the supply rate on your electricity bill. Learn more about small business electricity rates here.

Commercial Electricity Rates

If your commercial business spends over $5000 per month on energy, there are several benefits that partnering with an Energy Advisor will unlock. These include:

  • Advanced energy procurement strategies
  • Energy efficiency consulting
  • Renewable and sustainable energy options

The larger your business, the bigger the opportunity is to impact your bottom-line by improving your energy management strategy. Learn more about commercial electricity rates here.

Hitting Your Business' Sustainability Goals

Sustainability is coming more into focus as businesses evolve and make promises to promote a cleaner, more eco-friendly environment. Many businesses have sustainability goals outlined for both the near and long term future and energy supply is often a core driver.

There are a few different options to power your business with renewable energy.

Solar Panels

Installing solar on-site to eliminate energy price fluctuations and increase energy reliability

Community Solar

Purchasing energy supply from existing solar projects in your area

Renewable Energy Credits

Purchasing credits to off-set your energy usage with renewable power generation

When you request a quote, your Energy Advisor will ask about your sustainability goals and review options for powering your business with renewable energy.

Business Electricity Service Map

Service map showing which states offer deregulated energy choice for electricity and gas services for small business.