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Connecticut Electricity Rates

Compare Connecticut Electricity Rates

Here are the current Connecticut electricity rates for each utility along with the retail energy provider rates CT residents can switch to. Start by locating your utility below and selecting the rate you would like to switch to.

Utility: Eversource Energy(CL&P)
Price to Compare: 10.14¢ / kWh
PlanTerm & Rate per kWh


6 Month Home Power Plan

6 months
Direct Energy

Direct Energy

Live Brighter™ 18

18 months

Utility: United Illuminating (UI)
Price to Compare: 11.23¢ / kWh
PlanTerm & Rate per kWh


6 Month Home Power Plan

6 months


30 Month Electricity Plan + Free Starter Package

30 months

Connecticut Electricity Deregulation

In May 1998, Connecticut passed legislation to deregulate their energy market and give their residents and businesses a choice in an electricity provider. This act required the state’s two utilities to separate the generation of electricity from the rest of the business and take steps towards establishing a competitive energy market.

It took a couple of years to pass additional legislation and establish a competitive energy market in Connecticut. Today, there are more retail providers than ever for CT residents and businesses to choose from. Even though the cost of electricity has risen significantly since Connecticut deregulated their energy market, many retail providers still offer very competitive rates.

If you are a Connecticut resident or business, make sure you shop your zip code for the best electricity rates. A study done by the Retail Energy Supply Associaton found that Connecticut residents were missing out on millions of dollars in savings by not switching to the lowest retail provider.

Public Utilities in Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut, there are two major utilities that serve the entire state:

Customers that don’t participate in electric choice will still receive their electric supply from their default utility. But since the utility is not able to profit from the sale of electricity, they have practically no reason to compete with retail electricity providers that offer lower rates.

Retail Electricity Providers in Connecticut

Connecticut customers can choose from a wide range of electricity providers and the list continues to grow as new providers enter the market. These providers compete which allows you to save on your electric supply. Go to our Connecticut electricity providers page to see a full list of electricity providers in Connecticut.

It’s important to familiarize with these electricity providers and their offerings. Periodically, these providers may offer incentives to sign-up with them that could include things like a gift card, discount, point system, etc.

How To Switch

To compare all of these Connecticut electricity providers, we’ve created a FREE Compare & Switch Tool that allows you to compare electricity rates and switch your electricity providers in under a minute. Simply go to the right side of the page, type in your zip code, and view a list of the best rates and plans from reliable providers in your area.

When browsing rates and plans, consider the following:

  1. What is best rate for you?
    • Electric rates are expressed as “cents per kWh”.  When comparing rates be sure to compare them to the utility’s price-to-compare and what you are currently paying.
  2. Is the rate variable or fixed? 
    • Variable rates can fluctuate daily or monthly, and are derived from the market price of electricity. Fixed rates allow customers to lock in a low rate for the contract duration. Fixed rates are recommended for typical electric customers.
  3. What is the length of the contract?
    • Contract terms can vary from variable rate monthly terms to 3- to 36-month fixed rate terms. The recommended contract length for the average electric customer is 12- to 36-months.

All you will need is your account information found on your most recent electric bill. There’s no need to contact UI or CL&P – the new provider will process everything for you.

Remember, your utility will continue to fix power outages, send your bill, and work with you for any customer service needs. The reliability of service will NOT change since it is the responsibility of either UI or CL&P, which are regulated by Connecticut’s  Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA).