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Stamford Electricity Rates

Connecticut has one of the highest energy costs in the nation due to various factors, including taxes, wages, air quality standards, aging power plants and a lack of indigenous fuel sources, according to the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA). In an effort to decrease their outrageous costs, households and businesses across Connecticut have saved on their electricity bills by taking advantage of electric choice that comes about through electricity deregulation.

Comparing providers has become second nature to residents of Stamford. Instead of automatically using United Illuminating or Eversource Energy (CL&P) for their electricity distribution, residents can choose from green electricity suppliers, cheaper providers, and companies who offer various incentives.

Comparing Stamford Electricity Providers

If you are resident of Stamford, comparing electricity rates is simple. On the right side of the page you will find our Free compare and switch tool. Type in your zip code, click “search” and choose your utility. Now you will see a number of providers and Stamford electricity rates to choose from.

You might be unsure about how to decide between a big signup bonus and a low rate. At this point, you need to think about the length of the contract you’re signing. Some companies require no contract (and impose no penalties for leaving), while others want you to sign a one or two year agreement. Whatever rate structure the company is advertising, think about the fact that you’ll have to pay this rate for the duration of your contract. And if you’re getting a great signup bonus, double check to make sure it’s worth the commitment.

Variable-rate contracts change from month-to-month and are based on market conditions. The alternative is a fixed-rate contract, which doesn’t vary along with the market. This type of plan lock in one rate for the duration of your contract, avoiding price fluctuations. The choice is up to you.

Switch Stamford Electricity Rates

Now that you have chosen an electricity provider, you can switch electricity rates in minutes. Sign up online through the Compare & Switch tool by clicking on the provider and plan of your choice and filling out the contact and account information pages.

Your utility, either Eversource Energy (CL&P) or United Illuminating,  will continue to deliver your electricity and maintain wires, poles, and meters. The only real difference is a change in the electric supply rate on your bill each month.