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OH Electric Rates

Ohio Electricity Rates

As of December 2015, Ohio  has had the 18th highest average residential electricity prices in the United States.

Ohio Electricity


Ohio Electric Choice

Ohio began electric deregulation in 2001, after a 1999 law was enacted to restructure the electricity market in the state. Unlike in some deregulated states, the process purposely lasted for years to ensure that a stable market could develop.

Residential customers have only been able to participate in electric choice in the past few years. Dozens of retail electricity providers have started doing business in the state, each competing with one another to win the interest of potential customers which can be homeowners or business owners. It is this competition that creates low, competitive Ohio electricity rates, a greater selection of flexible plans, and more advanced products and services.

When you choose a retail electricity provider, the delivery and transmission portion of your bill is still carried out by your default utility. The supply portion is what you are able to shop around for, and will not affect the delivery and transmission rates that your utility charges. No matter who supplies your electricity, your utility will continue to send the bill and repair damaged wires and poles. The reliability of your electric service will not change.

Ohio Public Utilities

Ohio public utilities are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), and include:

Compare Ohio Electricity Rates

In some service areas of Ohio, as little as 18% of customers have switched to a retail electricity provider. As more customers switch, competition among providers increases, and lower pricing and better products and services result.

If you haven’t taken advantage of deregulation, can help you with the process of finding a new provider. Use our FREE Compare & Switch tool on the right side of this page to view some of the best plans from reliable retail electricity providers in your area. Before making any switch, be sure to ask yourself when viewing the plans:

  1. Is the rate lower than what you’re currently paying?
    • What you’re currently paying is referred to as the “Price-to-Compare” and can be found on your most recent utility bill in cents per kWh.
  2. Does the rate stay the same or vary with the market?
    • Variable rate plans have rates that can change daily or monthly without notice, while fixed rate plans lock in one low rate for the contract term.
  3. How long does the contract last?
    • Contract terms vary by provider and can last for as little as 3 months or as long as 3 years. Choose what is comfortable for you.
  4. Does the company offer any other incentives to switch?
    • Other incentives may include sign-up bonuses, guaranteed savings, rewards programs, and more.
  5. Where does the electricity come from?
    • Electricity can be sourced from coal, natural gas, or renewable sources such as wind, solar, and hydro. Environmentally conscious? A wide variety of providers offer plans that offer all or a portion of electricity to come from renewable sources.

Switching Ohio Electricity Providers

Switching electricity providers in Ohio is easy. Once you’ve decided on the contract and provider that’s right for you, simply continue the sign up process by clicking on the electricity provider and plan. Then you will be all set after filling out your contact and electricity account information. Once you’ve switched, it will take one to two billing cycles to start seeing new rates on your electric bill.

When customers switch, the Ohio utility still delivers the electricity, sends electric bills, and maintains wires, poles, and other infrastructure. No matter who supplies the electricity, the reliability of service will not change.