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TXU Energy

Updated: 01/24/2022

Provider Snapshot

  • Founded: 2002
  • Headquarters: Irving, TX
  • Service Areas: TX
  • Provider Score™: 4.38/5 

Energy Options

  • Electricity Plans
  • 100% Renewable Plans

TXU Energy has served Texans ever since residents and businesses first gained the power to choose back in 2002. With over one million residential electricity customers in Texas, it's the largest electricity provider in the state.

Today, TXU Energy is known for its solid selection of electricity plans and great customer service. This is supported by thousands of glowing customer reviews, which helped TXU take the spot as the provider with the Best Customer Reviews on our list of the Best Electricity Providers in Texas.

TXU's Current Energy Offerings

TXU Energy offers a plethora of electricity plans, most of which are fixed-rate. However, each plan is tailored to serve a different need or purpose. Here are a few examples:

  • Renewable Energy Plans – TXU Energy offers renewable energy plans, many of which are sourced from solar farms in the state of Texas.
  • Discounted Plans – Fixed-rate plans with discounts based on time of day or year.
  • Variable-Rate Plan – TXU also has a variable rate plan, where your electricity rate changes from month to month. While these plans often cost you more, they don't have any early termination fees as most other plans do.

TXU Provider Score & Customer Reviews

Provider Score: 4.38/5

TXU Energy's wide selection of electricity plans and great customer reviews earned it a Provider Score of 4.38/5. In fact, the latter was so good that TXU took the spot as the provider with the Best Customer Reviews on our list of the Best Electricity Providers in Texas.

Stellar Customer Reviews

TXU Energy has thousands of glowing customer reviews, many of them emphasizing the provider's commitment to customer service. Customer requests and issues are solved quickly and easily. This is part of the reason why TXU has a 5/5 PUCT complaint score, indicating a low rate of complaints to the state.

Energy Selection

With a variety of fixed-rate electricity plans to choose from, TXU Energy has a plan to fit the needs of most Texas residents.

TXU Renewable Energy Options

If you want to support clean energy, a renewable electricity plan is the way to go. These plans ensure that no matter how much electricity you use, an equal amount of renewable electricity will enter the grid.

Each time you pay your bill, that money will purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) that directly support renewable energy generators. TXU Energy and other providers even have options to source from local solar and wind farms based in the state of Texas, so you can have a positive impact on the local economy.

Finding The Right Texas Electricity Plan

No matter who you want to be your electricity provider, it's important to understand the basics of electricity shopping in Texas before you enroll. Failing to do so may end up locking you in a plan that will cost you more down the line.

Here are two general guidelines to follow:

  1. Understand Your Electric Consumption – Your effective electricity rate in Texas is always dependent on how much electricity you use. To make sure that a plan works for your level of consumption, look at the plan's Electricity Facts Label (EFL) before you switch.
  2. Use An Electricity Comparison Platform – Instead of comparing one provider at a time, use an electricity shopping platform like, which allows you to compare multiple providers and plans at once.

In fact,'s simple and secure platform makes it easy to find the perfect electricity plan for you. Our AI-powered rate assistant can automatically calculate and help you find the lowest cost plan at your usage faster than ever.

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