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NY electricity rates

New York Electricity Rates

Compare New York Electricity Rates

Here are the current New York electricity rates for each utility along with the retail energy provider rates NY residents can switch to. Start by locating your utility below and selecting the rate you would like to switch to.

Utility: Con Edison

We're sorry, we don't currently offer any plans for Con Edison. Check back again soon.

Utility: NYSEG

We're sorry, we don't currently offer any plans for NYSEG. Check back again soon.

Utility: Orange & Rockland (O&R)
PlanTerm & Rate per kWh


36 Month Electricity Plan

36 months

Utility: RGE

We're sorry, we don't currently offer any plans for RGE. Check back again soon.

New York Electric Choice

The State of New York became deregulated in 1996 after the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) mandated utilities to unbundle electricity charges on customer bills.

The supply charge on electric bills is now separate from the delivery and transmission charges. This enables customers to shop around for the supply portion from various “retail electricity providers” in their service area – also known as “Energy Service Companies or ESCOs” in New York. These retail electricity providers compete with each other for customers, which results in companies offering lower rates and other incentives to switch.

New York Public Utilities

No matter where the electricity supply comes from, the local utility will continue to send the bill, charge for delivery and transmission, maintain the wires and poles, and respond to downed power lines and other emergencies. New York electric utilities include:

  • Bath Electric, Gas & Water Systems
  • Central Hudson Gas & Electric
  • Con Ed (Consolidated Edison)
  • Fishers Island Electric Corporation
  • New York State Electric & Gas Corp.
  • National Grid (Niagra Mohawk)
  • Orange & Rockland
  • Pennsylvania Electric Company
  • Rochester Gas & Electric
  • Various Municipal Utilities

Compare NY Electricity Rates

Residents should compare New York Electricity Rates because they could benefit from:

  •  Lower rates
  • Customized and flexible plans
    • Multiple contract durations (e.g., 3, 6, 12, or 18-month terms)
    • Fixed prices for the length of contract
    • Hybrid (fixed and variable) pricing for unusual electricity consumption
  • More innovative products and services
    • Multiple bill-pay options
    • Green/Renewable electricity options
    • Telephone bill bundling
    • Discounted repair services for furnaces

Switch NY Electricity Providers

According to New York’s PSC, there are over 240 retail electricity providers to choose from in the state. The amount of time it would take to research all suppliers and all New York electricity rates and plans is incredibly unreasonable, so we’ve created a tool that does the most of the work for you.

To use this FREE tool, go to the right side of the page and type your zip code into the orange box. After you’ve selected your utility, you’ll be presented with the best rate plans from reliable providers in your area.

To compare energy provider rates with the rates you are being charged, find the “Price-to-Compare” on your most recent utility bill. This rate is expressed as “cents/kWh” (cents per kilowatt hour), and may look something like this: 9.016 cents/kWh.

Switching is fast and easy once you’ve selected the best provider for you. Simply gather your utility account information and enroll right here at The New York electricity provider’s customer service department will do all of the switching for you, so you won’t have to call your utility. You’ll start seeing charges for the new rate within one to two billing cycles.

Click here to view The New York State Public Service Commission’s ESCO Consumers Bill of Rights in order to learn about your rights as an energy service company consumer.