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New York Electricity Rates

Written By: Adam Cain

Last Updated: 09/14/2023

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There's a little bit of everything in New York. Everyone knows that you can find the hustle and bustle of a city in NYC, but the rest of the state is home to farmlands, massive lakes and rolling mountains. Fortunately, residents of the Empire State benefit from Energy Choice meaning they can compare New York electricity rates and start saving on their bill.

Keep reading to learn more about comparing New York electricity rates and how to choose the best provider. You can also enter your ZIP Code at any time to instantly see rates in your area.

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Average New York Electricity Costs

The average electricity price in New York is 22.38¢ per kWh which is the 9th highest in the United States. With an average household usage of 602 kWh per month, New York ranks in the top 10 for energy efficiency as well. This is why New York residents have an average electric bill of $110.47, which is slightly lower than the national average of $117.46.

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Average Rate per/kWh

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602 kWh

Average Usage per month

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Average Cost per month


7th Highest

Average Rate

44th Highest

Average Usage

30th Highest

Average Cost

Source: U.S. Energy Information Association (EIA)

New York Electricity Rates Trend

Source: U.S. Energy Information Association (EIA)

How Energy Choice Works in New York

New York residents gained access to Energy Choice in 1997 when the state public service commission decided to deregulate the electricity portion of its energy markets. With Energy Choice, customers of utility companies such as Con Ed and National Grid can choose who supplies their electricity and the price that they pay.

Some of the benefits of participating in Energy Choice in New York include the peace of mind that comes with locking in a fixed-rate and supporting 100% renewable energy.

When you switch residential electricity providers, your local utility still provides reliable delivery of electricity. The only thing that changes will be the new supply rate on your monthly bill.

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Green Energy in New York

Today, almost 30% of New York's electricity comes from renewable resources. This is expected to increase as renewable energy becomes more affordable and as the state creates new energy mandates.

Just last year, New York established goals to make 70% of the state's electricity renewable by 2030, and 100% renewable by 2050. This plan involves a massive build-out of wind and solar energy throughout the state.

You can help support the transition to clean energy by choosing a renewable energy electricity plan. Plans sourced from renewable energy on are clearly marked with the 100% Renewable Sources label.

New York Utility Companies

Electric utilities in New York own and operate the infrastructure that delivers electricity to your home. The New York State Department of Public Service regulates these utilities.

Here are some of the largest utility companies in New York:

New York Electricity Providers

According to New York's Public Service Commission, there are over 240 retail electricity providers to choose from in the state. As a result, comparing all available offers is virtually impossible. brings you only great rates from leading providers such asMajor Energy, Constellation and Verde Energy. This eliminates the guesswork and leaves you with valuable time that can be better spent on other things!

Business Electricity Rates

If you're a business owner in New York, you know that you need to make every dollar count. In other words, you shouldn't spend more than you have to on electricity.

Fortunately, Energy Choice goes beyond the home. Businesses can take advantage as well. In fact, depending on your electricity usage, you may be eligible for customized rates, energy bill optimization and more.

Visit our in-depth page on business electricity rates to learn more!

FAQ about New York Electricity Rates

How does Energy Choice help you save on your electricity in New York?

Energy Choice can help you save by letting you switch electricity providers. Instead of getting stuck with your utility provider’s electricity supply rate, you can compare rates from other providers to see if you can find a lower rate. If you find a lower rate and switch providers, you can save on the electricity supply portion of your electricity bill.

What is an electricity provider and how’s it different from my utility provider?

Your utility provider delivers electricity to your home and bills you. Your electricity provider supplies the electricity you use. No matter who your electricity provider is, your utility provider will remain the same as long as you live in its service area.

Who are the utility providers in New York?

Here is a list of utility providers in New York: Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Con Edison, National Grid, NYSEG, Orange & Rockland, RGE.

What is the average cost of electricity in New York?

The most recent data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) states that New York has an average electricity rate of 18.36¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh). That is the 9th highest average rate in the US.

How does New York generate electricity?

New York primarily generates electricity with natural gas, nuclear and hydroelectric power sources. Here’s a breakdown: Natural Gas: 37.2%, Nuclear: 33.8%, Hydroelectric: 22.3%, Wind: 3.7%, Solar: 1.9%. The rest of New York’s electricity generation is made up of small amounts of biomass, coal and other resources.