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Comparing Natural Gas Rates

Updated: 12/30/2020

Natural gas choice programs give customers the option of purchasing their natural gas supply from a third-party supplier instead of their local natural gas utility. There are many benefits to comparing gas rates and switching suppliers. These include increased competition between suppliers and lower rates as well as the peace of mind from locking in a fixed gas rate for a long period of time.

Keep reading to learn more about comparing natural gas rates and shop rates in your area.

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How Natural Gas Choice Works

In traditional markets, you cannot choose your energy supplier. Your utility provider determines your energy supply. In deregulated markets, you have the option to use your utility's energy supply or switch to a retail energy supplier.

When you switch natural gas suppliers, you are only changing your energy supplier. Your utility provider stays the same. In almost every state, your utility provider is still the entity that bills you for your natural gas.

How to Compare Gas Rates

To compare gas rates from leading provider, enter your ZIP Code to see rates in your area.

How to Compare Natural Gas Rates

Why Switch Natural Gas Providers?

When you participate in gas choice and switch suppliers, there are several benefits including:

  1. Locking in a fixed-rate:Lock in your gas rate and avoid surprises on your bill from fluctuating rates when the seasons change
  2. Saving on your gas bill:Sign up for a lower rate than what you're currently paying and start saving immediately
  3. Getting Rewarded:Some gas providers offer rewards for signing up as a new customer

Where is Natural Gas Choice Available?

If you're a resident of the following states, you have the ability to compare gas rates and switch providers.

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