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houston tx electricity rates

Houston Electricity Rates

Are you looking for the best electricity rates in Houston? Texas has one of the most thriving electricity markets in the country, and Houston is reaping the benefits. In a state that has plenty of oil, as well as a rapidly growing renewable sector, electricity providers are flocking to its largest city in search of customers. This is good news for residents of the city of Houston. Companies are competing for electricity contracts, and are willing to offer customers great deals to get business.

How to Get The Best Electricity Rates in Houston

With the large amounts of electricity providers in Houston, you have the power to choose from a wide variety of rates. From renewable options and energy tax credits to incentives like discounts for getting your neighbors to join; it seems impossible to compare providers and not find a good fit for your household or small business.

How do you decide which plan is best for you?  Here are some questions to ask yourself about what you want out of your service provider:

  • Electricity Rate: The first thing that should be considered is which provider has the lowest Houston electricity rates. Be sure to take a look at the average pricing as rates differ based on usage in Texas.
  • Contract Length:  There are multiple lengths electric providers will offer their customers. There is the simple month-to-month contract in which there are no penalties/fees for changing companies at the end of the month. There are also the more typical 12 month or 24 month contracts.
  • Electricity Source:  Green power generally refers to the production of electricity using renewable sources like wind and solar. Once the technology is installed, there’s very little cost–environmental or financial–to producing more power. The resulting (green) electricity is low on guilt and high in market value. With the abundance of sunlight and wind power that Texas gets, green electric suppliers are widely popular.

Comparing Houston Electricity Providers

When choosing an electricity provider in Houston, it’s important to consider many factors. These include whether or not they offer favorable rates for your usage level, if bill credits or other incentives such as free smart-home systems are included, whether or not they offer 100% renewable plans and if there are any early cancellation fees. All of these details can be found in our electricity marketplace if you enter your zip code above. Click here for more information on Texas electricity providers.

Featured Houston Electricity Providers:

  • Constellation

  • Direct Energy

  • Frontier

  • Trieagle

Shop Houston Electricity Rates

If you’re a Houston resident, your electricity utility is most likely Centerpoint. Here are some of the best electricity rates available for Centerpoint customers.

Utility: CenterPoint
Plan Term & Rate per kWh


12 Month Usage Bill Credit

12 months


Power To Connect Usage Bill Credit

30 months


Eagle 36

36 months

Now that you have compared Houston electricity rates, use your power to choose electricity rates in Texas to sign up! Enter your zip code at the top of the screen to compare the most up to date electricity rates in Houston with our FREE Compare & Switch tool.