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Arlington Texas Electricity Rates

Arlington Electricity Rates

As an Arlington, Texas resident, you have the power to choose your electricity provider and lock in the best rate for your home. However, shopping for Arlington electricity rates can get confusing with so many providers and plans near you to choose from. is here to make electricity rate shopping easier. This page will provide everything you need to know about comparing electric companies and rates in Arlington and making the right choice based on the best information. To see available electricity rates in your area, you can also enter your zip code through our free Rate Comparison Tool at the top of the page.

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In Arlington, Texas, Oncor is the local utility company that distributes electricity to the area. You can check out some of the best plans for Oncor below. If you want a full list of plans available to you on, enter your zip code above.

Utility: Oncor
Plan Term & Rate per kWh
Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities

Best Value 12

PUCT #10169
12 months

Rates Updated: 11/1/2020.

*Constellation PUCT# 10014, Trieagle PUCT#10064

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How to Compare Arlington Electricity Rates’s Rate Comparison Tool takes the complicated process of finding the best Arlington electricity rates and simplifies it with three simple steps:

Switch Electricity Providers in Arlington Texas
  1. Enter your zip code – Use the Rate Comparison Tool to see providers and plans available in your area.
  2. Compare electricity providers – Compare each company’s plan by looking at each plan’s rate structure and length.
  3. Switch electricity providers – When you find the plan you like, select it, fill out your information, and enroll.

After that, your new provider will take care of the rest. Oncor will continue to provide reliable delivery of your electricity. To get started, enter your zipcode below!

How to Find the Best Arlington Electricity Rates

In order to find the best Arlington electricity plan for you, there are several factors to consider.

The Electricity Rate

Your electricity rate is what you pay per kilowatt-hour for electricity and the first thing to consider when comparing plans. You can find the average rate at various usage levels (500, 1000, 2000 kWh) in the Marketplace by looking at plan details.

Your Electricity Usage

The average price you pay for electricity usually depends on how much you use. It’s best to look over your electricity bills from the last 12 months to find your average monthly electricity usage and find which months are higher or lower than usual. Then, compare plans based on that usage level.

Plan Type

Choose a plan with a low fixed-rate, energy sourced from 100% renewable sources or one that comes bundled with incentives like a smart-home system. Some plans in Texas also come with bill credits that will lower your monthly bill if you reach certain usage levels. These are all factored into the average rate estimate provided in our Marketplace.

Plan Length

Plan lengths vary from 6 months to 3+ years and may come with early termination fees if you move or switch providers prematurely. Longer-term plans often end up saving you more if you’re going to live in the same place for the foreseeable future.

Moving to Arlington and Setting up Electricity

If you’re moving to the Arlington area and this is your first time signing up for electricity, you may find the comprehensive guide to Texas electricity rates and Texas Power to Choose resources helpful.

In addition to the factors listed above, the most important thing to consider when moving to Arlington and ordering electricity service is your home’s average monthly usage. To figure out these energy trends, you can ask your landlord, the previous homeowners or even your new neighbors to get an idea of how much electricity your home will use. If that is not possible, pick a short-term plan and reevaluate after the plan is over.

Apartments and small homes generally use around 500 kWh per month, medium homes use around 1000 kWh and larger homes can use upwards of 2000 kWh per month.

Arlington Power to Choose

In Texas, “power to choose” refers to one of two things. First, it may refer to Texas’s deregulated electricity market, since it gives its residents the “power to choose” their own electricity provider. It may also refer to, the official electricity shopping platform created by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas. This site features thousands of plans from hundreds of providers which can make finding the best electricity rate difficult for some users. strives to make comparing and enrolling with electricity providers as easy as possible. In fact, this is why Texas residents often choose over other electricity shopping sites. With, all electricity plans come from leading, top-rated providers that showcase some of the best rates on the market, all through our simple and secure platform.

Learn more about Texas’s power to choose here.

Arlington Electricity Providers

There are numerous electricity providers to choose from in Texas. These providers range from smaller companies to large national providers like Constellation, Direct Energy, and TriEagle Energy. only works with the most reputable companies with the highest ratings, so that you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice. Learn more about Texas electricity providers here.

Arlington Business Electricity Rates

If you are not taking advantage of Arlington’s electricity deregulation, your business may be missing out on some big savings. advisors negotiate with multiple providers to get the best electricity plan for your business. This includes customized rates, energy bill optimization, and more. To get started, fill out the form on the business electricity rates page – no obligations required!

Other Texas Utilities That Offer Energy Choice

Oncor is not the only utility company offering energy choice in Texas. If one of the following utilities serves your area, you also have the power to choose your electricity provider.

  • AEP Texas – AEP Texas serves over 1 million customers throughout the state of Texas. Its service area is split into two sections. AEP Central serves the southernmost parts of Texas, while AEP North runs through the north and western parts of the state.
  • CenterPoint Energy – CenterPoint Energy is headquartered in Houston. It serves Houston and the surrounding areas.
  • Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) –  TNMP serves residents throughout the state of Texas, including areas along the Gulf Coast, and parts of north and west Texas.

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