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Humble Electricity Rates

About a 20-minute drive north of Houston, Humble, Texas is a quaint city filled to the brim with small-town charm. It rose to prominence in the early 1900s during the Texas oil boom, as it had the largest oil-producing field in Texas.

Today, Humble residents take control of a different type of energy. With the power to choose, Humble residents can switch electricity providers. This allows them to compare Humble electricity rates and find an electricity plan that works for them.

If you’re a Humble resident, you can compare electricity plans and switch providers right here on Enter your ZIP Code at the top of this page to get started.

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Utility: CenterPoint
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Frontier Utilities

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PUCT #10169
12 months

Rates Updated: 9/22/2020 at 8:00 AM EST.

Humble Energy Deregulation

Humble gained the power to choose their electricity provider after Texas deregulated the energy market in 2002. Prior to that, Texans had to get their electricity supply from their local utility company.

In other words, where you lived determined how much you paid for electricity, and there was nothing you could do about it.

Electricity deregulation broke up this monopoly that utility companies had on electricity supply. Today, they still deliver your electricity, but you get your electricity supply from competing electricity providers.

This competition helps keep electricity prices down and gives consumers more electricity options. With the power to choose, you can lock in a low rate for years, or even get a plan with renewable energy. The choice is yours, not your utility’s.

How to Compare Humble Electricity Rates

With the Rate Comparison Tool, you can compare leading Texas electricity providers and plans in seconds. To enroll with a new electricity plan, just follow this three-step process.

1. Enter Zip Code, 2. Compare Providers, 3. Switch and Save
  1. Enter your ZIP Code – To see providers and plans in Humble.
  2. Compare electricity providers – Pay careful attention to each plan’s electricity rate structure and length.
  3. Switch Electricity Providers – After you find the right plan, select the plan and enroll.

It’s that easy. Your new provider takes care of the rest, and since CenterPoint still delivers your electricity, there are no interruptions in your service.

How To Find The Best Humble Electricity Plan For You

Your electricity usage is the most important factor to consider when choosing an electricity plan in Texas. This is because each plan’s effective electricity rate changes based on your monthly electricity consumption.

Before you pick a plan, find out how much electricity your home uses on average each month and take note of months that are higher or lower than usual. You can use these numbers to find an electricity plan that works best for your usage.

You can find information on each plan’s rate structure in the “Plan Details” section. It lists the plan’s effective electricity rate at three different usage levels, along with all the factors that can influence the effective electricity rate for the plan, like usage credits.

Humble Business Electricity Rates

Texas businesses can save big with the power to choose. Since they use more electricity than households, business electricity rates can be much lower than residential rates.

If you’re a Humble business owner and want to take advantage of this, fill out a business quote request form. After that, you will get a quote from a leading electricity provider. If you use enough electricity, you can design an electricity plan for your business, which can include customized rates, energy bill optimization and more.

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