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League City Electricity Rates

As a resident of League City, Texas, you likely have the power to choose your electricity provider. This means you can lock in a low-cost electricity rate for years and save big on your electricity bill. is here to make that as easy as possible. With the simple and secure Rate Comparison Tool, you can compare multiple leading electricity providers and plans near you in the League City area, side by side. After you find the right plan for your budget, you can enroll right on the website in minutes. Enter your zip code above to get started.

Shop League City Electricity Rates

If you live in League City, TX, you likely have one of two local utility companies, either CenterPoint Energy or Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP). Below, there’s a snapshot of the best energy plans for both CenterPoint and TNMP. For a full list of electricity plans available in your city on, enter your zip code above.

Utility: CenterPoint
Plan Term & Rate per kWh
Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities

Best Value 12

PUCT #10169
12 months

Rates Updated: 11/1/2020.

*Constellation PUCT# 10014

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Utility: TNMP
Plan Term & Rate per kWh
Frontier Utilities

Frontier Utilities

Best Value 12

PUCT #10169
12 months

Rates Updated: 11/1/2020.

*Constellation PUCT# 10014, Trieagle PUCT#10064

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How to Compare League City Electricity Rates

With the, you can compare multiple electricity service plans from different companies side by side in seconds by using the Rate Comparison Tool. Just follow this simple three-step process:

How to fin League City electricity rates and switch electricity providers
  1. Enter your zip code – After you enter your zip code, you will see multiple providers and plans available near you in the League City area.
  2. Compare electricity providers – Compare each company’s offerings by looking at each plan’s rate-structure and length.
  3. Switch electricity providers – After you find the best price and plan, select the plan, and enroll.

After that, your new provider will take care of the rest. There are no interruptions in energy service to your home when you switch. The only thing that changes is your electricity plan.

How to Find the Best League City Electricity Plan

If you are comparing League City electricity plans for the best pricing, there are multiple factors to consider.

Your Electricity Usage

Your effective electricity rate varies based on your electricity usage. To get the best plan for you, it’s helpful to look over recent electricity bills to find your average electricity rate and to see which months are higher/lower than usual.

The Electricity Rate

Your electricity rate is what you pay per kilowatt-hour for electricity. You can find the rate at three different usage levels for any electricity plan on in the “plan details” section.

Plan Type offers fixed-rate electricity plans so you can lock in a low rate and save. Among those fixed-rate plans, you can get plans with usage credits, plans with 100% renewable energy, and plans bundled with other incentives like smart home systems.

Plan Length

Electricity plans can be as short as 3 months and as long as 5 years. For plans on, the plan length shows how long your rate is locked in. It’s important to note that many fixed-rate plans have cancellation fees if you cancel before the plan ends. However, longer electricity plans can lock in a low rate for years and help you save big.

Moving to League City, TX and Setting up Electricity

You likely don’t know your electricity usage for your new home if you just moved to League City. Since it is important to understand your usage to find the right electric plan for you, suggests doing one of the following.

First, you could ask the original homeowners, your landlord and/or your neighbors to get an idea of how much electricity you will use a month. These people will probably give you the most accurate information.

However, if this is not possible, you should choose a short-term electricity plan. After the plan comes to an end, you can pick a long-term plan based on your usage.

Generally, apartments and small homes use around 500 kWh a month, medium-sized homes use around 1,000 kWh and larger homes can use 2,000 kWh a month. If you have just moved to Texas, check out the Texas electricity guide to learn everything you need to know about the state’s electricity market.

League City Power To Choose

If you have heard the phrase “power to choose” in Texas, it is likely referring to one of two things.

First, it can refer to electricity deregulation in Texas as a whole, since it gives Texas residents the “power to choose” their own electricity provider.

It may also refer to, which is the Public Utilities Commission of Texas’s electricity comparison website. There are thousands of options available on However, for many, this can get confusing.

That’s why many prefer over With’s Rate Comparison Tool, electricity shopping is practically effortless.

League City Electricity Providers

In Texas, there are multiple providers to choose from, including local state-based providers like Frontier to large national providers like Constellation and Direct Energy.

To ensure you get a great provider, only works with the best, top-rated providers. Each provider and plan is vetted to make sure they are honest and straightforward. There’s no guesswork. All you have to do is type in your zip code, find the best plan, and enroll.

League City Business Electricity Rates

Businesses can save a lot through electricity deregulation. If you have a business in League City, Texas, you may be missing out if you don’t understand how you can take advantage of it.

With the help of an energy advisor, you can get a commercial electricity plan designed for your business, with customized rates, energy bill optimization, and more. The best part? There’s no obligation to you!

To get started, complete the quote request form on the business electricity rates page.

Other Texas Utilities That Offer Energy Choice

CenterPoint and TNMP are not the only two utility companies that offer electricity choice. If you have one of the following companies for your local utility, you have the power to choose as well.

  • AEP Texas – AEP Texas serves residents throughout the state of Texas. It is split into two sections. AEP North runs through the northern and western parts of the state, while AEP Central serves the southernmost parts of Texas, including areas along the Mexico border.
  • Oncor – Oncor is the largest utility in the state, serving parts of northeast and western Texas.

Electricity Rates in Popular Texas Cities

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