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Richardson Electricity Rates

Richardson Electricity Rates

Richardson is a large city filled with 120,000 Texans right outside of Dallas. It’s home to a bustling business sector and the renowned research university UT Dallas. On top of all this, Richardson residents have the power to choose.

With the power to choose, you can pick your own electricity provider. This means you can compare Richardson electricity rates and providers to find the perfect plan for you.

To make electricity shopping easy, lets you compare electricity plans side by side. Start comparing in seconds by entering your ZIP Code at the top of this page.

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Rates Updated: 9/22/2020 at 8:00 AM EST.

How to Compare Richardson Electricity Rates

After you enter your ZIP Code, presents you with multiple Richardson electricity plans. To find the best plan for you, you should consider these factors.

Your Monthly Electricity Usage

In Texas, your effective electricity rate will change based on how much electricity you use each month. If you want to find a plan that meets your needs, understanding your electricity usage is critical.

Look over electricity bills from the last 12 months to find your average monthly electricity usage. Also take note of months that are higher or lower than usual, to see what your effective electricity rate would be for those months as well.

Effective Electricity Rates

Your effective electricity rate is your total bill divided by the number of kilowatt-hours you consumed that month.

The “Plan Details” section under any plan lists the effective electricity rate at three different usage levels. Combine this with the other info in the section, and you can see how things like usage credits influence the effective electricity rate.

Plan Length

Plans featured on are fixed-rate plans. These plans—which are designed to save you the most—lock in your electricity supply rate for the duration of the contract.

Plan lengths vary anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. The length of your plan is up to you. Just note that some plans have termination fees if you cancel your plan before the end of the contract.

Moving To Richardson? How To Choose An Electricity Plan

As discussed in the previous section, knowing your electricity usage an important part of finding the right electricity plan for you. However, if you have just moved, you probably don’t know how much electricity you will use.

To find your electricity usage in your new home, suggests one of the following methods.

First, you can try to use the following estimates.

  • Apartments/Small Homes – ~500 kilowatt-hours (kWh)
  • Medium-Sized Homes – ~1,000 kWh
  • Large Homes – ~2,000 kWh

However, these are all just general estimates and may not reflect your usage.

To get the most accurate estimate, you should ask your neighbors, your landlord or the original owner of the home.

Richardson Power To Choose

The “power to choose” in Texas refers to the power to choose your electricity provider. Texans gained the power to choose when the state deregulated its electricity market in 2002.

Before that, you could only get your electricity supply from your local utility company. This meant that where you lived determined your electricity supply rate.

A deregulated market lets you control your electricity supply by choosing your electricity provider. Consumers can compare electricity rates from different providers and pick the lowest rate. This forces electricity providers to compete with one another, keeping electricity rates down.

But this is not all it does. With increased competition, more options became available. Today, you can pick a plan that comes with incentives, like smart home products. You can even get a plan that sources all its energy from renewable resources.

Electricity Providers in Richardson

Oncor Electric Delivery is the local utility provider for the area. A utility provider owns and operates the infrastructure that delivers electricity to your home.

In Texas, you can pick your electricity provider, which supplies your electricity. There are multiple electricity providers to choose from in Texas. They can range from state-based providers to large national companies like Constellation and Direct Energy. only works with the best electricity providers in Texas. To ensure this, vets each provider and plan to guarantee its integrity. That way, you don’t have to worry about any gimmicks or hidden fees.

Richardson Business Electricity Rates

If you are not taking advantage of Richardson’s electricity deregulation, your business may be missing out on huge savings.

If you choose your electricity provider through, you can be sure that you will get an electricity plan designed for you. To get started, complete the quote request form on the business electricity rates page.

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