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Cincinnati Electricity Rates

Updated: 07/23/2021

Electricity Providers in Cincinnati, Ohio

Due to a prime location in the Midwest, electricity rates in Ohio are lower than electricity rates in most of the U.S. However, Cincinnati residents and businesses can still realize significant savings on their electricity bills by shopping around for a retail electricity provider that offers lower electric supply rates than the default utility, Duke Energy Ohio.

If you live in Cincinnati and are considering making the switch from Duke Energy Ohio or your current retail electricity provider, learn more below.

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Choosing a Retail Electricity Provider for Your Home or Business

1. Know Your Current Electric Rate

The very first thing you’ll need to do before you start shopping around is what you’re currently paying for electricity supply. As a Duke Energy Ohio customer, you can find this rate on the second page of your most recent electric bill under “generation charges”. This rate is expressed in cents per kilowatt-hour (cents/kWh). For an average home or small business electric customer, this may look something like: 500 kWh @ $0.06583. Now that you know the rate you are paying, you can compare this rate to the rates of retail electricity providers.

2. Use Tools to Make the Shopping Experience Easier

If you are shopping around for your home or small business, begin the process by using our free Compare & Switch tool located at the top of this webpage. All you’ll need to do is type in your ZIP Code, click “Compare!”, and then select Duke Energy Ohio as your utility. You’ll then see a list of reputable providers and their rates and plan in the Cincinnati area. You can also make the switch here, via an online form, but if you’re not ready, feel free to just browse.

If you’re shopping around for your business, you’ll need to fill out the online Business Electricity Contact Form, since the process is a bit different. Unlike homes and small businesses, medium to large businesses shop around by contacting several providers to negotiate the best rates and plans. Fill out the online form and we’ll do this for you for FREE.

3. Understand the Features of a Plan

  • Fixed or Variable? Fixed-rate plans have one rate that cannot change during your plan’s contract terms. Variable-rate plans have rates that are tied to wholesale market prices, and will likely vary each month. Neither option is necessarily better than the other; the choice is yours.
  • How Long Would You Like Your Contract to Last? Contracts are offered from as little as three months to as long as 36 months. If you believe that Duke Energy Ohio’s electric rates will rise, select a longer plan; if you believe that prices will lower, select a shorter plan.
  • Does the Provider Require Fees to Switch? You may have to pay a small switching fee to some providers.
  • Does the Provider Offer Incentives to Switch? Many retail electricity providers offer sign-on bonuses, discounts on energy-related products and services, and hefty rewards programs.
  • What about Renewable Electricity? Because the price of renewable electricity is much lower than it used to be, many providers are able to offer affordable ‘green’ plans in which you receive your electricity from partial or 100% renewable electricity.

4. Make the Switch

Once you’ve selected a retail electricity provider with the best rate and plan for your home or business, you can switch through our Rate Comparison Tool or by calling the provider of your choice. Have your account information on hand, which is found on your most recent electric bill.

The only real change will be a different electric supply rate on your Duke Energy Ohio bill. Duke will continue to deliver your electricity will the same reliability as always, and they’ll still send your bill, maintain the wires and poles that send the electricity to your home or business, and respond to any power emergencies.