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Columbus Electricity Rates

Updated: 06/09/2022

Electricity Rates in Columbus, Ohio

Ohio's electric rates are lower than that of most states in the country, but residents of Columbus still have the opportunity to substantially save on their electric bills. Since the early 2000s, residents and business in Ohio have been able to participate in electric choice by shopping around for a retail electricity provider that has lower rates than what they are currently paying.

If you live in Columbus and are considering making the switch from Columbus Southern Power or another retail electricity provider, learn more below.

What You Need to Know to Switch

1. Compare & Switch Tool

You may want to use our free Compare & Switch tool, located at the top of the page. Simply type in your ZIP Code and select Columbus Southern Power (or your default utility) to view a list of some of the best providers in your area. There's no obligation to make the switch if you use the tool, but you may do so here.

2. Know Your Current Electricity Rate

You can find the rate that you are currently paying for electricity on your most recent electric bill. You will want to compare this rate with the rates of retail electricity providers in your area. The rate is measured in cents per kilowatt hours (kWh), and may appear as such:

11.374 cents/kWh or $0.11374 cents/kWh.

3. Know the Features of a Plan

  • Fixed-Rate or Variable-Rate Plan? A fixed-rate plan has an offered rate that won't change for the entirety of your contract. Variable-rate plans have rates that vary from month-to-month, usually depending on wholesale market prices. If you are considering a variable-rate plan, keep in mind that the rate may go up or down every month without notice.
  • Long or Short Contract Terms? Variable-rate contracts are generally month-to-month contracts that can be cancelled during any given month. Fixed-rate contract durations may last from 3 to 36 months. Our staff recommends 6- to 12-month plans so that a low rate can be locked in, and so that you'll still be able to shop around again if rates drop elsewhere.
  • Are There Fees to Switch? Some providers may require security deposits and initially set-up fees.
  • Are There Bonuses or Rewards Offered? Some providers may offer sign-on bonuses, discounts on energy-related products and services, and heft rewards programs.
  • Interested in Renewable Electricity? Many providers offer partial or 100% green plans that source electricity from 100% renewable sources. You'll find that rates for these plans are quite affordable often below the rate of Columbus Southern Power.

Once you've made the choice, you can switch through our Compare & Switch tool or by calling the provider of your choice. The only real change that will happen after you've made the switch is that you'll see a different rate on your electricity bill. Columbus Southern Power will continue to deliver your bill, keep your electric service on, and respond to any emergencies such as power outages.