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Hartford Electricity Rates

Since Connecticut’s utilities have to import electric power from generation plans in far-away states, electric rates in Connecticut are among the highest in the nation. On average, the state’s electric customers pay a staggering 48% more than the average customer in the United States.

Luckily, Hartford residents and small businesses can save on their electric bills by selecting a retail electricity provider that offers a lower electric supply rate than what the default utility, Eversource Energy (CL&P), offers. If you are considering making the switch, rest assured that CL&P will continue to service and deliver your electricity with the same reliability as before. The only real change will be a different supply rate on your monthly bill.

Compare Hartford Electricity Providers

Before shopping around, you’ll first need to locate the rate you are currently paying for electricity by looking at your most recent electric bill. The rate will be found under the section “Supplier Services Detail – Generation Service Charge”, just below the payment stub. The rate for an average Hartford home or small business will look something like: 500 kWh  x  $0.1196, in which 500 kWh is the amount of electricity used and $0.1196 is the rate (these numbers will be different on your bill, of course).

If you are comparing rates and plans for your home or small business, you can use our free Compare & Switch tool, which is located on the right side of this page. Just type in your zip code, click “search”, and then select Eversource Energy (CL&P) as your utility. After this, you’ll see a list of reputable retail electricity providers in the Hartford area.

If you are comparing providers for your medium- to large-size business, the process is different. Because rates vary differently for larger organizations, businesses have to contact several providers to negotiate the best rate and plan. Fortunately, we can do all this for you as well. Simply fill out our Business Electricity Contact Form and we’ll tap into our network of providers to find the lowest electricity rate for your business.

Hartford Electricity Plans

Don’t just look for low rates. You’ll need to consider other features of a plan before you decide to make the switch:

Fixed Vs. Variable Rate Plans

Some plans offer a fixed rate, while others offer variable rates. Fixed-rate plans have one set rate that cannot change for the length of your contract, while variable-rate plans’ rates vary each month along with wholesale market prices of electricity. Generally, most residents and small businesses opt for a fixed-rate plan, but there are benefits to both fixed and variable plans.

Contract Lengths

If you think  Eversource Energy’s default rates will go up within the next year, you’ll want to opt for a longer plan. If you think that the default rates will go down, opt for a shorter plan. We recommend choosing a plan that is no shorter than 6 months. Nevertheless, plans are offered in terms as little as 3 months and as long as 36 months (though variable rate plans are generally month-to-month contracts).

Electricity Source

Many providers offer ‘Green’ plans that are very affordable, often below CL&P’s default electricity rate for traditionally-sourced fossil-fuel electricity. These plans are offered as partial or 100% green plans, meaning that all or part of your electricity will come from renewable electricity sources like wind and solar.

Switch Hartford Electricity Rates

Once you’ve found the best provider and plan for you, you can switch Hartford electricity rates in minutes. You can easily sign up online through the Compare & Switch tool by clicking on the plan of your choice and filling out the online form.

It’s important to realize that switching electricity companies will neither endanger your power supply nor improve the reliability of your electric service. Eversource Energy (CL&P) will continue to deliver your electricity and maintain wires, poles, and meters. The only real difference is a different electric supply rate on your bill each month.