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Bridgeport Electricity Rates

With power being imported from generation plants in other states, Connecticut electricity customers pay almost 50% more than the average electric customer in the United States.

Fortunately, Bridgeport, CT is open to electric choice, meaning that residents and businesses can shop around for a retail electricity provider that offers a lower rate than what the default utility, Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) charges. When electric customers make the switch, CL&P will continue to deliver your electricity with the same service and reliability as always. Not much will change besides a different electric supply rate on your electric bill.

Compare Bridgeport Electricity Providers

First and foremost, you’ll need to locate your current supply rate on your most recent Eversource Energy electric bill. This rate is expressed in cents per kilowatt hour (cents/kWh), and is found just below the payment stub under “Supplier Services Detail – Generation Service Charge.” The average home or small business’ rate will appear something like: 500 kWh  x  $0.1295, where 500 kWh is the amount of electricity used (yours will be different) and $0.1295 is the electric supply rate. Now that you know the rate you are currently paying, you can begin shopping around.

If you are shopping for a home or small business, begin the process by using our free Compare & Switch tool on the right side of this page. All you’ll need to do is type in your zip code and click switch. After that, you’ll see a list of reputable providers and their Bridgeport electricity rates.

If you are shopping for a medium or large business, you’ll need to begin the process by filling out our Business Electricity Contact Form. Unlike with homes and small businesses, larger businesses must call around to several providers to negotiate a good plan and a low rate. We can actually do this for you, for FREE. Simply fill out the form and we’ll get back with you with the lowest rates from our network of providers.

Bridgeport Electricity Plans

In addition to low rates, you’ll also want to look for other features of a plan that can add or subtract value:

Fixed-Rates Vs. Variable-Rates

Plans that have one rate that does not change for the duration of an electric supply contract are called fixed-rate plans. Conversely, variable-rate plans are plans with rates that vary along with wholesale electric prices and can change each month. We generally recommend fixed-rate plans for average residential users, but there are benefits and risks for both. Learn about the differences here.

Contract Durations

Contract lengths generally last from 3- to 36-month (though most variable-rate plans are month-to-month). Choose a longer plan if you believe that CL&P’s default rates will go up in next year, and choose a shorter plan if you believe CL&P’s rates will drop. Most shoppers opt for a 6- to 24-month plan.

Source of the Electricity

Because the price of electricity is much lower than even a decade ago, many retail electricity providers are able to offer extremely affordable partial or 100% green plans, meaning that all or some of the electricity going to your home or business is coming from renewable electricity sources, such as wind and solar.

Switch Bridgeport Electricity Rates

You can make the switch in minutes by using the free Compare & Switch tool. Just click on the plan you want and fill out the online form. You’ll need to know your Eversource Energy account information, which is found on your most recent electric bill. There’s no need to contact Eversource Energy.

If you decide to make the switch, you can rest assured that your electricity will continue to be delivered by Eversouce Energy with the same service and reliability as always. The only real change that you will see is a different supply rate on your monthly CL&P bill.