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Maryland Electricity Providers

Updated: 11/10/2020

Compare Leading Maryland Electricity Providers

If you live in Maryland, you have the benefit of Energy Choice. This means that you can choose your Maryland electricity provider and realize potential savings over what your utility charges you for electricity.

This page covers the different roles of your local Maryland utility and the electricity providers that you’re able to choose from. We also highlight some of the best electricity providers in Maryland.

What is a Retail Electricity Provider?

Retail electricity providers in Maryland purchase the rights to large quantities of electricity to sell to their customers. Before energy deregulation, the Utility negotiated the price of electricity with energy generation companies and passed the cost on to you.

With Energy Choice, you can choose from numerous providers and electricity rate options. The benefits of switching from your utility to a retail electricity provider are:

  • Lower Rates – Retail electricity providers are able to offer lower rates that can save you up to 30% on your electricity supply
  • Peace of Mind – Lock in a fixed-rate so that your rate won’t increase for the length of the contract
  • Customer Incentives – Some electricity plans come with incentives such as smart-home devices, or 100% renewable energy sources

What are Maryland Utility Companies Responsible For?

Utilities are responsible for the physical delivery and transmission of electricity to your home. Utilities own and maintain utility poles and power lines. Before energy deregulation, everyone was required to purchase electricity from their local utility company.

Maryland Utilities

What’s the Difference Between a Maryland Electricity Provider and Your Local Utility?

When you participate in Energy Choice, your utility stays the same. The utility is still responsible for the reliable delivery of electricity to your home, energy bill, and outages.

The difference is that rather than purchasing your electricity supply from your local utility, you’re now purchasing it from your chosen electricity provider. When you switch, the new rate that you sign up for will show up on your monthly bill.

Renewable Energy Providers in Maryland

Maryland has a goal of generating 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. You can help support this goal by switching to a 100% renewable energy plan.

Just like switching to any other plan, switching to renewable energy does not require any expensive equipment. When you switch, your renewable energy provider will simply purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) with your electricity supply payments.

Here is a list of Maryland electricity providers featured on


Constellation currently supplies two million residential, public sector and business customers, including two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies. They also pride themselves on their commitment to innovation, transparency and service.

Learn more about Constellation

Direct Energy

Direct Energy is one of North America’s largest retail providers of electricity, natural gas, and home and business energy-related services. With nearly four million customers, Direct Energy promotes accessible, practical tools and resources.

Learn more about Direct Energy

Tomorrow Energy

Tomorrow Energy aims to create a positive impact in the world by giving customers more clean Energy Choices by utilizing renewable energy sources. They’ve developed a variety of plans for its customers that offer competitive prices.

Learn more about Tomorrow Energy

Starion Energy

Starion Energy prides itself on spreading freedom, choice, and customizable offers for homes and businesses. Their mission is to convert their positive energy and use our knowledge to power the lives of people, communities, and businesses.

Learn more about Starion Energy

Spark Energy

Spark Energy was founded in Houston Texas, the energy capital of the world and has since expanded to thirteen respective states. They pride themselves on the following three specialties: energy-saving expertise, community support, and customer service.

Learn more about Spark Energy


Clearview Energy provides 100% green energy to over 100,000 residential and business customers across the United States. Most of the energy supplied by Clearview is wind-generated in order to stay committed to protecting the environment.

Learn more about Clearview

How to Switch Maryland Electricity Providers

To switch providers on, just follow the three simple steps:

How to Compare Maryland Electricity Providers
  1. Enter your ZIP Code – Enter your ZIP Code to see competing offers from leading Maryland electricity companies.
  2. Compare Electricity Providers – Compare and contrast the terms of service, rate and length of each plan offered by each provider.
  3. Switch and Save – After you find the best plan, switch for free and realize savings on your electricity bill.

After that, your new provider takes care of the rest and your service will start on your selected date! There is no need to contact your chosen provider.

For more information about comparing electricity rates, visit our in-depth guide to Maryland electricity rates