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Silver Spring Electricity Rates

Silver Spring Electricity Rates

Located right outside of Washington DC, Silver Spring is one of the largest cities in Maryland with a population of over 80,000 residents. If you are one of those residents, you have Energy Choice, which means you can switch Maryland electricity providers. ensures your switching process is simple and straightforward. Enter your ZIP Code at the top of the page to get a list of providers and plans that you can compare side by side. Then, switch on the site in minutes.

Check Out The Best Silver Spring Electricity Rates

Utility: PEPCO
Plan Term & Rate per kWh
Energy Harbor

Energy Harbor

Safe Harbor 12

12 months

Rates Updated: 9/23/2020 at 8:00 AM EST.

How To Compare Silver Spring Electricity Plans

When you use, finding the best electricity plan for you is only three steps away.

  1. Enter your ZIP Code
  2. Compare electricity plans and providers
  3. Select the perfect plan for you

When you complete the third step, your new provider will take care of the rest for you.

Find The Right Plan For You

When you compare electricity plans, you should look at each plan’s electricity supply rate. Plans on are fixed-rate plans, so what you see advertised is the rate you will pay for the entirety of that plan’s contract. You can find your current electricity supply rate on your most recent electricity bill.

You can find other factors you should consider when switching when you look in the Plan Details section under any plan. There, you can find out if a plan has cancellation fees or any special incentives that can benefit you.

For example, some plans are renewable energy electricity plans. This means that the money you pay at the end of every month goes to purchase renewable energy credits, which offset your electricity usage and put more renewable electricity into the electric grid.

How Energy Choice Works In Silver Spring

To understand Energy Choice, you should first understand the two entities involved in it.

  • Your Local Utility Company – Distributes the electricity to your home. You cannot switch utility companies.
  • Your Electricity Provider – Supplies the electricity you use.

Energy Choice in Silver Spring allows you to pick your own electricity provider. It forces electricity providers to compete with one another, keeping electricity rates down and giving residents more control over their electricity.

By default, your electricity provider will be your local utility company, which is likely PEPCO if you live in Silver Springs. You can switch from your local utility company to another electricity provider any time you would like.

When you switch electricity providers, your new provider usually takes over within one to two billing cycles. Most providers in Maryland will still have PEPCO bill you. You will just see your new provider and new rate in the supply section of your electricity bill.

Silver Spring Business Electricity Rates

Energy Choice is not only for the residents of Silver Spring. If you own a business in the area, you can switch electricity providers as well.

Business electricity supply rates vary depending on how much electricity your business uses. If your business consumes a lot of electricity, you can possibly qualify for energy bill optimization, customized electricity rates and more.

To get a quote, fill out the business quote request form. From there, will hook you up with an electricity provider that can help you get a plan designed for your business.

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