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columbia md electricity rates

Columbia Electricity Rates

Electricity rates in Maryland are consistently higher than the average national rates for electricity. Fortunately, residents and businesses in Columbia are able to save money on their electric bills by shopping around for a retail electricity provider with lower electric supply rates than the default utility, Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE).

When a customer signs up for a retail electricity provider, all that really changes is the different electric supply rate on the monthly bill. BGE will continue to deliver and service the electricity and meters with the same reliability as always.

Considering making the switch from BGE? Read on to learn how

Compare Columbia Electricity Rates

Researching individual retail electricity providers can be time consuming. Fortunately, we’ve already done all this work for you through our free Compare & Switch tool. To use the tool, just type in your zip code into our tool on the right side of this page click “Search”, and then select BGE as your utility. You’ll then see a list of the best Columbia electricity rates and plans from reliable retail electricity providers in our carefully vetted network. You’re not obligated to switch if you use the tool, but you can conveniently do so at any time.

There are a number of important factors to consider when comparing retail electricity providers:

  • Find a Lower Electricity Rate

The first thing you’ll want to do is compare the rate you are currently paying with the rate that the retail electricity provider’s plans are offering. You can find your current rate on your most recent BGE electric bill, under Electric Details at the top left. You’ll see your actual usage as measured by your more recent meter reading, expressed in kilowatt hours (kWh).

  • Know if You Want a Fixed-Rate or Variable-Rate Plan

Fixed-rate plans offer one rate for the duration of a contract. Variable-rate plans offer rates that vary along with wholesale electric prices and can go up or down each month. We recommend fixed rate plans for most customers, but there are benefits and risks for both. Learn more about the differences in pricing schemes here.

  • Know if You Want a Longer or Shorter Contract Term

Electricity contract lengths generally last from 3 to 36 months. The general rule of thumb is to select a longer plan if you believe that BGE’s default electricity rates will go up in the near future. Choose a shorter plan if you believe that their rates will go down in the near future. Generally, shopping customers choose a plan that lasts from 6 to 24 months.

  • Look for Value-Adding Incentives to Switch

Retail electricity providers are quick to offer rewards for choosing them for your home or business’s electricity supply. Many providers offer incentives such as sign-on bonuses, discounts on energy-related appliances and services, and rewards programs that let you earn points towards free electricity, cash-back, airline miles, dining, travel, and more.

  • Are You Looking for a Green Plan?

Because the renewable energy is more abundant and costs less, many retail electricity providers are offering green plans that allow your home or business to receive electricity coming from partial or 100% renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower. Even better is the affordability of these plans; you’ll find that many plans offer rates that are below BGE’s default electricity rates for non-renewable electricity.

Switch Columbia Electricity Rates

You can quickly and easily make the switch through the free Compare & Switch tool by clicking on your plan of choice and then filling out an online form.  Be sure to have a recent BGE bill on hand so that you will readily know your account information.

It’s important to realize that switching electricity companies will neither endanger your power supply nor improve the reliability of your electric service. BGE will continue to deliver your electricity and maintain wires, poles, and meters. The only difference is the different supply rate on your bill each month.