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Philadelphia electricity rates

Philadelphia Electricity Rates

The City of Brotherly Love came into the world of deregulated electricity late in the game in 2011. Since then almost one-fifth of original PECO customers have compared and switched retail electricity providers.

PECO energy is the regulated utility that serves the city of Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Pennsylvania electric choice allows PECO energy customers the ability to shop for lower priced electricity from alternative suppliers. However, PECO  continues to deliver power to the homes and businesses of Philadelphia regardless of the electric supplier chosen.

Compare Philadelphia Electricity Providers

When comparing Philadelphia electricity rates and providers their are many factors to take into consideration:

  • Variability: Will my rate ever change during the course of my contract? Or is it a fixed rate that won’t change during the contract term?
  • Length: How long is the contract I’m signing? Usually the length of the contact is between 6 and 36 months
  • Bonus: Does the company offer any extra incentive to sign up with them?
  • Renewable: Do I want a 100% renewable electricity plan? Many providers offer renewable plans for PECO customers.

To start comparing different Pennsylvania electricity providers, go to the right side of the screen and enter your zip code into our compare and switch tool. After you enter your zip code you will find a number of different providers and plans to select from.

Switch Philadelphia Electricity Rates

After comparing all the Philadelphia electricity rate and plan options, click the select button on the plan you would like to choose. Now all you have to do is enter your contact and account information to sign up. Be sure to have your PECO bill on hand as this is where you will get your account information from.

Understand that signing up with a new provider won’t endanger your supply of electricity. Your power comes across the same wires, and receives the same protections and guarantees as it did before. (i.e., you won’t be subject to sudden blackouts due to the new company). The only major difference you’ll see is a different supply rate on your monthly bill.