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About Commerce Energy

Commerce Energy was founded in California in 1997. It subsequently began operations in other states; some of  which were bought by other providers. Ambit Energy, for example, now owns all of Commerce’s operations in Texas. The rest of Commerce Energy is now wholly owned by the Just Energy Group, a large company with 1.8 million North American customers. Commerce currently serves California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

According to the company website, Commerce and JEG together constitute the largest green energy retailer in the United States. Just Energy is also associated with natural gas sales. Commerce prides itself in customer service. The company has over 1200 employees, 400 of whom are dedicated customer service representatives.

To highlight the Commerce’s progressive nature, the company has invested $32.1 million in renewable energy and $14 million in emissions reduction since 2007.

Commerce Electricity Services

For Your Home

Commerce offers both fixed- and variable-rate plans. The fixed rate plans are slightly more expensive at times but insulate customers from spikes in price due to outside events. Fixed-rate contracts can be obtained for as long as five years. In addition to its basic index plan, Commerce offers the possibility of a diversified portfolio option.

In some areas, Commerce also offers a green product, in which all of the energy you buy is accounted for as Renewable Energy Credits.

For Your Business

Commerce offers special programs for businesses, including a more-or-less fixed-rate plan that allows the option of modifying a contract if prices go down.

JustEnergy makes clear that businesses can also take advantage of its green electricity plans, and even set a level of participation. Commercial customers can select a percentage between 20 and 100 of their electricity that they want to come from a renewable source.

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