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New Power Texas

Updated: 12/19/2022

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Provider Snapshot

  • Founded: 2018
  • Headquarters: The Woodlands, TX
  • Service Areas: TX
  • Provider Score™: 3.27/5 

Energy Options

  • Electricity Plans
  • 100% Renewable Plans

Founded in 2018, New Power Texas is one of the newer electricity providers on the market in Texas. Offering a solid selection of fixed-rate electricity plans with multiple customization options, New Power Texas is a suitable option for many Texans.

New Power Texas Electricity Rates

Sorry, we don't offer residential electricity rates for the selected options.

Energy Offerings

New Power Texas offers fixed-rate electricity plans which can lock in the terms of your contract for one to three years. At the time of this writing, each plan is customizable in multiple ways:

  • Autopay Discount – Get a set discount each month for enrolling in autopay.
  • Paperless Discount – Pay your bills online to lower your electricity supply charge.
  • Renewable Energy – Source your plan from renewable sources.
  • Air Filter Delivery – Get air filters delivered to your home on a schedule.
  • Renters Insurance – Get a renters insurance quote along with your plan.

Like most fixed-rate electricity plans, New Power Texas's electricity plans have early termination fees if you cancel prior to the end of your contract.

Why Choose New Power Texas

New Power Texas offers customers competitive rates and quality service including:

  • Fixed-rate plans with a wide array of options
  • Plan perks like discounts and free air filters
  • 24/7 call center and online account access for bill pay

While many providers offer fixed-rate electricity plans, the ability to customize each plan is where New Power Texas stands out. Whether you want to support renewable energy or just make it as simple as possible to replace your air filter, New Power Texas has an option for you.

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