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Comparing Electricity Suppliers In Pennsylvania

Written By: Adam Cain

Last Updated: 05/22/2024

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If you call Pennsylvania home, you are one of the lucky ones because you have the power of Energy Choice. Pennsylvania is one of only 15 states that gives you the right to choose your electricity provider.

This is no small privilege. A competitive energy market ensures savvy shoppers like yourself can save a lot on their electricity bills and choose a plan that’s right for their needs. In fact, as of May 2023, over 1.2 million residents and over 285,000 businesses have already switched to a retail electricity provider in PA. That’s more than 55% of all the energy supplied in the state!

Today, we're covering how you too, can take advantage of better electricity service and rates. Now, let’s review all the must-knows for ensuring a stress-free switch to your perfect energy provider today. Even if you don't switch right away, you'll be better prepared to consider your options in the future and have peace of mind about your specific electricity plan.

Compare Electricity Rates in PA

Comparing rates before you pick an energy supplier can help you navigate the challenges of an ever-changing market and avoid getting gouged with hidden fees. Below, you can view the different rates and plans offered by the top energy suppliers in Pennsylvania.


Price to Compare 10.04¢

The electricity utility's price for electricity supply expressed as a price per kWh, to be used to contrast prices with competitive suppliers.

Best Electricity Rates
ProviderPlan NameLengthRate Per kWhSign Up
Clearview Energy
Clear Guarantee 6
6 Mo.9.09¢
Save 10%
True Classic 13
13 Mo.9.48¢Select
Tomorrow Energy
12 Month Fixed
12 Mo.9.49¢
Save 6%
True Classic 24
24 Mo.10.88¢Select
36 Month PowerPlug Plan
36 Mo.12.49¢Select
PlanRate Per kWh
Clearview Energy
Clear Guarantee 6

6 Months
True Classic 13

13 Months
Tomorrow Energy
12 Month Fixed

12 Months
True Classic 24

24 Months
36 Month PowerPlug Plan

36 Months
  • 100% Renewable Sources
  • Smart Home System Included
See All Plans

Pennsylvania Electric Suppliers

There are over 100 electricity providers licensed by the PA Public Utility Commission. Electricity suppliers range from small municipal-based companies to large national providers such as Constellation, Tomorrow Energy, Public Power, and Direct Energy.

Smaller municipal companies are local, so you can generally expect a faster response to outages or issues. Also, your money stays in the local economy, supporting your neighbors. Larger companies typically offer more member benefits and larger areas of service but less plan customization.

PA electric suppliers

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Best Electric Suppliers in PA For 2024

When you think of the ideal electricity supplier, what are the first traits that come to mind? Sustainability? Innovation? Customer service? Different consumers have different needs and priorities when it comes to electricity, and energy choice allows everyone to find a supplier that suits them.

It can be difficult to accurately evaluate electricity providers, especially when many companies can mislead consumers about their plans. Fortunately, can help. Along with providing overall ratings, we've ranked several of Pennsylvania's top electric suppliers in terms of environmental impact, charitable contributions and innovation.

Best Pennsylvania Electricity Provider: Constellation

Best Overall



Provider Score


Energy Options

Service Areas


Provider Bio

Constellation is the nation's leading provider of carbon-free energy with a commitment to be 100% carbon-free by 2040. They serve over 2.5 million residential and business customers across the United States.

For the second year in a row, Constellation has earned the highest Provider Score and takes the top spot as the Best Electricity Provider in Pennsylvania. Several notable factors helped Constellation earn its title:

Why Constellation?

  • Flexible plans that fit practically any need, including 100% renewable, smart-home, and A/C protection plans
  • Excellent customer service and accessibility via online chat
  • 20+ years of experience serving millions of residential and business customers
  • Outstanding community work through Habitat for Humanity, E2 Energy grants, and more

Constellation offers a variety of electricity plans with different contract lengths. They specialize in integrated energy solutions from electricity, natural gas and renewable sources.

Best Green Energy Pennsylvania Electricity Provider: Energy Harbor

Best Green

Energy Harbor

Energy Harbor

Provider Score


Energy Options

Service Areas


Provider Bio

Energy Harbor is a retail energy provider specializing in providing clean, carbon-free energy for residents and businesses. They’re headquartered in Akron, Ohio and serve nearly one-million customers across Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Safety, reliability and sustainability are outlined as Energy Harbor’s core values.

As environmental concerns become more widespread, a growing number of consumers are changing their behavior to promote sustainability. If you prioritize sustainability in your life, you likely expect your energy supplier to do the same.

Why Energy Harbor?

Energy Harbor outlines sustainability as one of its core values. They operate the second largest non-regulated nuclear fleet in the country and offer a variety of 100% renewable energy plans.

Most Charitable Pennsylvania Electricity Provider: Direct Energy

Best Reviews

Direct Energy

Direct Energy

Provider Score


Energy Options

Service Areas


Provider Bio

Serving nearly 4 million residential customers, Direct Energy is one of the largest electricity, natural gas and home services providers in North America. They are also one of the largest commercial and industrial electricity with over 240,000 business electricity customers.

The charitable contributions of companies play a major role in the purchasing decisions of many consumers. If you're one of these consumers, you may want to find an electricity supplier with a history of community involvement.

Serving people and communities at its core, Direct Energy took the top spot for the Most Charitable Electricity Provider. Several factors helped Direct Energy earn this distinction:

Why Direct Energy?

  • $5 million commitment to expand the Texas Children’s Heart Center at Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Their Neighbor-to-Neighbor Bill Assistance program helps relieve up to $700 annually to low-income customers who qualify for the program
  • $10,000 donated to Bike for Students to kids in local TX communities
  • Meals for Families raised over $8,000, prepared over 13,000 meals, and packed 600 boxes of food for local citizens and families

Direct Energy currently serves more than 4 million residential and commercial customers. Though it was founded in Canada, the majority of Direct Energy's business comes from deregulated areas of the United States.

Most Innovative Electricity Provider: Green Mountain Energy

Most Innovative

Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy

Provider Score


Energy Options

Service Areas


Provider Bio

Green Mountain Energy is the oldest renewable retail electricity provider. Since its founding in 1997, Green Mountain Energy has expanded into seven electricity markets, with its customers avoiding nearly 100 billion pounds of carbon emissions through its renewable energy plans and services.

Green Mountain Energy takes the spot as the Most Innovative Pennsylvania Electricity Provider because of their diverse plan portfolio, which offers unique plans and perks suited to a wide array of customers. Several factors helped Green Mountain Energy earn the title of Most Innovative Pennsylvania Electricity Supplier:

Why Green Mountain?

  • Being the pioneer of the renewable energy market, their energy plans have helped its consumers avoid nearly 100 billion pounds in CO2 emissions since its founding
  • Their 67 solar farms and 8 wind farms across the country allow customers to opt for wind or solar energy plans, with the option for paperless and auto-pay discounts
  • A solar buyback program that gives you credit for excess renewable energy produced by your home’s solar system
  • They are a carbon-neutral company and operate their offices using renewable energy and using post-consumer waste recycled paper printed with soy-ink

Green Mountain Energy is one of the oldest renewable energy retailers in America. It offers several innovative plans, including footprint-free plans and local solar and wind plans.

How To Compare Pennsylvania Electricity Providers With Energy Choice makes finding the right Pennsylvania electricity plan for you painless. With our simple and secure platform, you can compare great electricity rates from leading providers side-by-side, then switch providers without ever leaving the site. All you need to do is follow this simple three-step process:

Best Electric Suppliers in PA

  1. Enter Your ZIP Code – Enter your ZIP Code above to view competing offers from leading Pennsylvania electricity companies.
  2. Compare Providers & Plans – Compare each plan's electricity supply rate and plan length.
  3. Switch In Minutes – After you find the plan that best fits your needs, switch on the site for free in minutes.

After you switch, your new provider takes care of the rest, switching you over to your new plan in one to two billing cycles.

What To Keep In Mind When Comparing Electricity Suppliers in Pennsylvania makes comparing electricity plans easy, but there are a few things that you should know before switching your PA energy supplier.

  • Electricity Supply Rate – This is how much you pay for your electricity supply and is the number you use to compare plans to see if you may be able to save by switching. You can find your current electricity supply rate on your most recent electricity bill.
  • Plan Length – Most plans on our site are fixed-rate plans, which means that your rate will be guaranteed for the duration of your contract. Some providers offer plans that can lock in a low rate for years.
  • Renewable Energy – Excitingly, a growing number of energy providers in PA (and many others on our site) offer green energy plans. The best part? You don't even need to install solar panels or change how you currently use energy. These power providers buy certified renewable energy credits on your behalf, source the energy, and then send it to your utility company to be delivered to you. Renewable plans are clearly marked in the Marketplace with the green recycle symbol.
  • Provider Reputation – This is the overall rating of the electricity provider in question. We base it on multiple factors including customer review scores, product offerings, customer support, community outreach, and more.

It’s important to have a trustworthy provider who can guarantee energy security for you and your loved ones. Plus, nobody likes signing up with an electricity company only to learn down the road about hidden fees and shady upcharges that kind of nonsense does not fly here.

That is why so many Pennsylvanians use instead of PA Power Switch. Any licensed electric provider in PA can put their plans on PA Power Switch, regardless of the quality of their service.

Electric providers must prove themselves first to be listed on our’s Marketplace. When you enter your ZIP Code, you can rest easy that you’re getting great energy rates from leading providers so you can switch confidently.

How Does Switching Electricity Suppliers in Pennsylvania Work?

The great thing about switching is how fast and straightforward it is. When you sign up with a new electricity provider, they will contact your current provider to cancel your plan and switch all the paperwork for you. Also, you do not have to install or change any equipment at your home or business. Your energy will not be disrupted whatsoever.

To understand how switching electricity providers works in Pennsylvania, you need to know the difference between utility providers and retail electricity providers.

Utility Providers: This is the company that delivers electricity to your home and bills you. You cannot switch utility providers. The charges that support your utility provider are under delivery/distribution charges on your electric bill.

Retail Electricity Providers: This is the company that supplies the electricity you use. In Pennsylvania, by default, your utility provider is also your electricity provider. However, unlike your utility provider, you can switch electricity providers thanks to Energy Choice. The charges on your electric bill go to your electricity provider are under supply/generation charges.

Since you cannot switch utility companies, it is still the business that will bill you whether or not you switch electricity providers. This also means that your delivery/distribution charges will not be affected when you switch energy providers. You will only see changes on the supply/generation portion of your electric bill.

For more information on reading and understanding your monthly electricity bill, watch our 3-minute explainer video on YouTube.

What Does Energy Deregulation in Pennsylvania Mean for You?

PA lawmakers gave residents the right to shop for their own electricity supplier with the passing of the Electric Choice and Competition Act in 1997. Utility companies are still responsible for delivering electricity and natural gas to consumers and maintaining power lines.

By default, they are also Pennsylvania resident's power providers. However, you can switch to a different energy provider, which generates the energy for the utility company but does not deliver it, to save big on your electricity bill.

The Pennsylvania PUC supervises the state's energy market. Based in Harrisburg, PA, they issue licenses to electricity suppliers allowing them to operate in the state. The PUC also inspects for safety, audits plans and enforces laws related to energy production and distribution.

Business and Commercial Electricity Rates in Pennsylvania

Business owners can save big through electricity deregulation. However, the switching process is not as simple as typing in your ZIP Code.

That is because the rates available to you are dependent on your electricity usage. The more you use, the lower your rate can get.

To find the best rates for your business, fill out the form on's business electricity page. An representative will then get in contact with you to help you find the right plan for your business.

FAQs About Pennsylvania Electricity Suppliers

Who is the best electricity provider in Pennsylvania?

As of January 2023, Constellation earned the highest Provider Score, both in Pennsylvania and overall. However, it’s important to note that the best electricity provider for you could depend on your specific needs.

Who is the cheapest electricity supplier in Pennsylvania?

The cheapest electricity provider in Pennsylvania depends on where you live. It’s important to compare multiple plans and providers for your area to find the cheapest electricity provider for you.

How do I change my energy provider in PA?

To change your electricity provider, you’ll first want to use an electricity shopping website like to compare multiple providers and plans in your area. From there, you can switch by using the account information found on your electric bill. After that, your new provider will take over within one to two billing cycles.

What electric utility providers are in Pennsylvania?

Electric utility providers are responsible for the distribution of electricity to your home. Pennsylvania utility providers include Duquesne Light, Met-Ed, Pike County Light & Power, PECO, PPL Electric, Penelec, Penn Power and West Penn Power.