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It happens once a month. You pick up your mail and there it is: the electric bill. Your reaction will probably depend on the time of year and the amount of last month’s bill. When you open it and find the “amount due” line, your response will lie somewhere along the spectrum of: “Phew! Less than I expected!” to “Oh my gosh! Why is it so high?”

Whatever the response to the monthly electric bill, most electricity consumers have one thing in common: They feel powerless to make the kind of changes that will significantly lower electric bills.

It may have once been true that consumers could not do much to decrease the cost of electricity to their homes. Today, however, retail electricity providers in deregulated areas of the country can help customers save on their electric bills. And with incentives like energy tax credits, homeowners across the country are steadily moving toward renewable energy to ease electricity cost.

Save on Your Electric Bill

In this case, knowledge is electric power. In this section of the site, you can learn how to:

Knowing how to read your bill, what options you have for selecting an electric provider, and how energy tax credits can help with electricity cost will give you the power you need to make significant and positive changes to your electric bills.

Lower Your Electric Bill

Once you are ready to start seeing how you can lower your bill, type your zip code into our easy to use Rate Comparison Tool located at the top of this page. Once entered, you will find an number of electricity providers that want to help you find a plan and electricity rate that works for you.