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boston ma electricity rates

Boston Electricity Rates

Neighboring some of the best universities in the world, Boston is known for its strong and diverse economy. However, one thing Boston is not known for is low electricity rates. In fact, Massachusetts has some of the highest electricity rates in the US.

If you’re a Boston resident, you probably already know this. Fortunately, with Energy Choice, you can compare electricity plans to find a lower rate. Enter your ZIP Code at the top of this page to get started.

Shop The Best Electricity Rates In Boston

Utility: Eversource Energy (NSTAR)
Plan Term & Rate per kWh


36 Month Home Power Plan

36 months


24 Month Green Home Power Plan

24 months

Rates Updated: 9/23/2020 at 8:00 AM EST.

How To Compare Boston Electricity Plans

With’s simple and secure platform, you’re only minutes away from a better electricity plan. All you have to do is enter your ZIP Code, compare Boston electricity plans and switch.

To get the best plan for you, here are a few things that you should keep in mind when comparing:

  • Your Electricity Supply Rate – This is the rate you compare when switching electricity providers. You can find your current rate on your electricity bill. If you supply your electricity through Eversource, use its Price to Compare. This is the utility’s electricity supply rate.
  • Plan Length – plans are fixed-rate plans. This means that your rate is locked in for the length of the plan. If you cancel your contract before the plan ends, there may be cancellation fees. Check the Plan Details section to see if a plan has cancellation fees.
  • Renewable Energy – If you want a plan with renewable energy, look for the 100% Renewable Sources sticker.

After you find the perfect electricity plan for you, select it. From there you can fill out the necessary information and switch providers. It usually takes one to two billing cycles to process the switch.

How Energy Choice Works

Electricity providers supply the electricity you use. In states without Energy Choice, your local utility company—which distributes your electricity—is your electricity provider and you cannot switch to a different one.

Energy Choice grants you the power to choose your electricity provider. There are multiple benefits to this, the main one being that you can possibly find a lower your electricity rate and save.

However, it can also give you a say in where your money goes. For example, if you want to pick a plan that sources its electricity from renewable energy, you can do that!

Boston Electric Companies

The local electric utility company for Boston is Eversource. It was formerly known as NSTAR until Eversource rebranded it in 2015.

Boston residents have dozens of electricity suppliers to choose from, from smaller local operations to leading national providers like Constellation.

To ensure you get the best electricity rates and service possible, vets electricity providers before featuring them on the site. When you type in your ZIP Code, you can rest assured that you’re only seeing the best of the best.

Business Electricity Rates In Boston

With its many prestigious local colleges and universities, Boston attracts businesses from all over the world. Thankfully, those businesses can benefit from Energy Choice as well.

If you own a business in Boston, go ahead and fill out the business quote request form. When you do, will hook you up with an electricity provider to get you the perfect electricity plan for your business.

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