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Lowell Electricity Rates

Lowell Electricity Rates

Founded in the 1820s, Lowell, Massachusetts grew as a manufacturing town during the industrial revolution. Today, much of its growing population is still in the manufacturing sector, but many residents now work in healthcare and education.

However, no matter what your profession is, every Lowell resident needs access to affordable electricity. Fortunately, you have Energy Choice. This lets you switch to another electricity providers, which can help you possibly save on your electricity bill.

With’s help, you can compare Lowell electricity rates and switch electricity providers in minutes. Enter your ZIP Code at the top of this page to get started.

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Utility: MA Electric | National Grid
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12 Month Home Power Plan

12 months


36 Month Home Power Plan

36 months


24 Month Green Home Power Plan

24 months

Rates Updated: 9/22/2020 at 8:00 AM EST.

How To Compare Lowell Electricity Plans

To make comparing and switching electricity providers as easy as possible, distills the process into three simple steps.

1. Enter Your ZIP Code

When you enter your ZIP Code, compiles a list of plans and providers available in your area.

The list of plans available to you depends on your local utility provider, which is the company that distributes electricity to your home. If you live in Lowell, your local utility company is likely National Grid.

2. Compare Providers and Plans’s platform clearly lays out all the important information you need to switch electricity providers, including…

  • The Plan’s Electricity Supply Rate – This is the rate you pay by the kilowatt-hour for your electricity supply. Your current electricity supply rate is on your bill. If you get your supply through National Grid, this is called the Price to Compare.
  • The Plan’s Length – Since plans on are fixed-rate plans, the plan’s length tells you how long your rate is locked in for.

You can find more pertinent information on any plan in the Plan Details section. This could include other incentives, information and fees involved with the plan.

3. Switch Electricity Providers

After you compare plans, you switch providers by selecting the plan you like best and filling out the necessary information.

Switching through is free and there are no interruptions in your electricity service. National Grid will still bill you and deliver electricity to your home. Your new provider will just take over within one to two billing cycles.

Energy Choice In Lowell

Energy Choice lets you choose your own electricity provider. This is the company that supplies the electricity you use.

Massachusetts residents gained Energy Choice in 1998, when the state deregulated its electricity market. The ruling forced electricity providers to compete with one another. If you found a lower electricity supply rate, you could switch and save on your electricity bill.

However, this is not the only benefit Energy Choice offers. It also gave electricity consumers more options. For example, you can now lock in a fixed-rate plan for years and not worry about surprise rate hikes. Or, you can pick a renewable electricity plan and feel better about the energy you use. The choice is yours.

Lowell Electric Companies

In Lowell, the local utility company is National Grid. They own and operate the infrastructure needed to deliver electricity to your home.

Outside of that, you have your choice of dozens of electricity providers. Some are local, some specialize in green energy and some are huge national providers. In fact, with each of these providers offering multiple plans, the number of electricity options you have can be downright overwhelming.

To clear any stress you may have, vets electricity providers before they are featured on the site. This ensures you only get the best electricity providers that offer the best electricity plans.

Lowell Business Electricity Rates

Energy Choice is not only for your home. It’s also for business. In fact, depending on your business’s electricity usage, it could qualify for customized rates, energy bill optimization and more.

To see what you could be adding to your bottom line, fill out a business quote request form. From there, will get you in touch with a leading Massachusetts electricity provider that can get you exactly what you need.

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