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Worcester Electricity Rates

If you are a resident or business owner in Worcester Massachusetts, you  are able to lower your monthly electricity bill by comparing  a number of different National Grid providers.

When customers switch to a retail electricity provider for their electric supply, National Grid will continue to deliver the electricity as well as respond to emergencies and send the monthly utility bill. You’ll see nothing change besides a different supply rate on your bill. Of course, not all retail electricity providers are created the same.

Compare Worcester Electricity Providers

Many retail electricity providers that serve the Worcester area are offering lower rates than the default utility, National Grid. But how do you know you’re not only getting low rates but also selecting the best plan features for your home or business? Read on to learn how.

View a List of Available Retail Electricity Providers in Worcester

Residents can use our Compare & Switch tool located on the right side of this page to see a list of available retail electricity providers in the Worcester. All you need to do is type in your zip code, click “search”, and then select National Grid as your utility. Now you’re ready to start shopping.

Businesses can also shop around for Worcester electricity rates, but the process is a bit different. Fill out our online form for businesses and we’ll contact the providers in our network to find the best rate plan for your business. It’s free, and there’s no obligation to switch until you’re ready.

Find a Lower Worcester Electricity Rate

Now you’ll need to compare the rate that you’re currently paying to the rates that you view in the list. To find your current rate, look at your most recent National Grid electric bill under the charges for electric supply (or generation). The National Grid supply rate is expressed in cents per kilowatt hour (cents/kWh).

But don’t just look for a lower rate. You’ll need to review other features of a plan as well.

Consider More than Just the Rate

Here are some questions that you’ll want to ask yourself when comparing providers and plans

1. Do I want a fixed or variable rate? Fixed-rate plans offer one rate for the duration of your contract. Variable-rate plans offer rates than change from month-to-month and generally vary alongside wholesale market prices. The choice is yours, but most customers are satisfied with fixed-rate plans.

2. How long do I want my contract to last? Contract terms generally vary from 3 to 36 months. Choose a longer term if you believe that National Grid’s rates will go up in the near future, and choose a shorter term if you believe that their rates will go down. Most customers are satisfied with a 6 to 24 month plan.

3. What types of bonuses do the providers offer? Because each retail electricity provider in the area wants your business, most offer incentives that can add value to your plan. Incentives include sign-on bonuses, discounts on HVAC repair and other power-related products and services, and substantial rewards programs.

4. Do I want Renewable Electricity? The cost of renewable electricity has significantly declined since electric choice was enacted in Massachusetts over a decade of go. Now, many providers are able to offer green electricity plans that are still below National Grid’s rates.

Switch Worcester Electricity Rates

Through our free Compare & Switch tool, you can make the switch in minutes. Just click on the plan of your choice and fill out the online form.  You’ll need a recent utility bill on hand so you can provide your account information. There’s no need to contact National Grid, since your new MA electricity provider will do all of the switching for you.

Remember, National Grid will continue to deliver your electricity with the same reliability and service that it always has. All that really changes is your supply rate on your monthly bill, which will still be sent to you by National Grid.