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Springfield ma electricity rates

Springfield Electricity Rates

Electricity rates in Massachusetts have been considerably higher than average electricity rates across the nation for the past decade.  Fortunately, residents and businesses in Springfield are able to shop around for lower electricity rates with retail electricity providers – companies that buy electricity to resell back to customers for often lower rates than the default utility, Eversource Energy (WMECO). Switching is convenient and easy.

When you switch to a retail electricity provider, WMECO will continue to deliver the electricity to your home or business with the same reliability as always. The only real change that you will see is a different electric supply rate on your monthly bill.

Switch Springfield Electricity Providers

When you are switching electricity providers in Springfield don’t just look for lower rates. There are many retail electricity providers with low Springfield electricity rates available but not all providers and plans are created the same. Plans have different pricing models, features, durations, and value-adding incentives.

Here at, we have provided you with two important things to help you make the best decision for your home or business:

  1. Information to select the best type of plan for your needs
  2. A free Compare & Switch tool that presents you with a list of reputable providers and their plans to choose from.

Compare Springfield Electricity Rates

Medium and large businesses will need to fill out the online Business Electricity Rate Form. We’ll contact our network of providers and negotiate the lowest rates for your business for free. There’s no charge and no obligation to switch.

Residents can compare providers by using our free Compare & Switch tool found on the right side of this page. Just type in your MA zip code, click ‘search’, and then select Eversource Energy (WMECO) as your utility. Now you’re ready to start comparing!

Compare the rate you’re currently paying with the rates offered by providers in the list. Your rate can be found on your most recent WMECO bill on the second page under “Electricity Supply Detail”. You’ll see that the rate is expressed in cents and is multiplied by the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) that you’ve used to calculate your total electric supply charges.

Compare Springfield Electricity Plans

When comparing providers and plans, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I want a fixed or variable rate? Variable-rate plans feature rates that can change each month, and generally vary along with wholesale electricity market prices. Fixed-rate plans, on the other hand, feature one set electric rate that can’t change for the duration of your contract. Most customers are satisfied with fixed-rate plans.

2. How long do I want my contract to be? Contracts are offered from as little as 3 months to as long as 36 months. Choose a shorter term if you think WMECO’s rates will go down in the future and choose a longer term if you think the utility rates will go up. Most customers choose a contract that lasts from 6 to 24 months.

3. Does the Plan Include Value-Adding Incentives? Retail electricity providers want your business. Because of this, most offer incentives that add value to your plan. Incentives may include sign-on bonuses, discounts on energy-related products and services, and rewards programs in which you can earn free electricity, cash-back, and more

4. Do I want to power my home or business with Renewable Electricity? Because the cost of electricity has gone down so much, many retail electricity providers are able to offer partial or 100% renewable energy plans. You’ll even find that many of these plans may have rates below that of what you’re currently paying through WMECO.

Switch Springfield Electricity Rates

Easily switch through the free Compare & Switch tool. Just click on the plan you want and fill out the online form.  Be sure to have a recent WMECO bill on hand so you can provide your account information. There’s no need to contact WMECO since your new provider will do all the switching for you.

Remember, WMECO will continue to deliver your electricity with the same reliability and service that it always has. All that really changes is a the supply rate on your monthly bill, which will still be sent to you by WMECO.

For more information about WMECO be sure to check out our WMECO provider profile page