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WMECO Customers can Switch and Save!

As a Western Massachusetts Electric Company customer you have the ability to switch off your utility to a lower 3rd party rate. This can instantly save you money on your electricity bill and is 100% free to do so. Here are some of the top rates available to WMECO customers.

Utility: Eversource Energy (WMECo)
Plan Term & Rate per kWh


36 Month Home Power Plan

36 months
Clearview Energy

Clearview Energy

Clear Green Guarantee 12

12 months

WMECO History 

The history of the Western Massachusetts Electric Company goes back to the 1886 formation of the Greenfield Electric Light & Power Company. WMECO continued to grow through 1966 by merging with Connecticut Light & Power to form Northeast Utilities. In 2015 WMECO was re-branded with NSTAR and Connecticut Light and Power as Eversource Energy.

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Eversource Energy customers are able to shop for retail electricity providers in order to lower the supply rate on their bill. If you do decide to switch electricity providers,  your electricity will continue to be delivered and serviced with the same reliability by Eversource Energy (WMECO), which is regulated by the Massachusetts’ Department of Public Utilities (DPU).

 Eversource Energy (WMECO) Service Areas

Eversource Energy MA Service Area

Source: Eversource Energy

  • Eversource Energy’s service area covers 3,192 miles and 140 towns in MA

WMECO’s service area includes

Service Areas

  • Springfield
  • Ashfield
  • Greenfield
  • Long Meadow
  • Easthampton
  • Windsor
  • Conway
  • Pittsfield
  • Lanesboro

Eversource Energy Electricity Rates

Competition forces retail electricity providers to offer the lowest rates possible to WMECO customers. This allows for individuals to save on their WMECO electric bill. Eversource Energy electricity providers also try to make their electric plans different by offering different terms and options such as renewable electricity plans. With all of these providers and options, customers have more control over their electric bill and a bigger selection of rates and providers than ever before.

Switching Eversource Energy Electricity Providers

When switching electricity providers, all you need is your contact and Eversource Energy account information which can be found on your electric bill. To compare Eversource Energy (WMECO) providers and plan with your current supply rate, type your zip code into our compare and switch tool, located on the right side of this page. You will then see top providers and rates for your area. After you find a plan that works for you, click select and start filling out the contact and account information to complete your enrollment.

Your new provider will contact Eversource Energy directly so there is no need to call your utility. Typically, it takes one to two billing cycles to see your new provider on your WMECO electric bill.

As noted before Eversource Energy (WMECO) will continue to deliver electricity, send your bill, and maintain all the wires and poles that deliver the electricity. Delivery and transmission rates will not change if you switch to a retail electricity provider.

For billing inquiries or support please contact Eversource Energy (WMECO) directly:

Eversource Energy (WMECO)
Phone: 800-592-2000