Electricity Rates in Houston

Texas has one of the most thriving electricity markets in the country, and Houston is reaping the benefits. In a state that has plenty of oil, as well as a rapidly growing renewable sector, electricity providers are flocking to its largest city in search of customers. This is good news for residents of the city of Houston. Companies are competing for electricity contracts, and are willing to offer customers great deals to get business.

Deciding on a Perfect Plan

Because of the large amounts of electrical providers in Houston there are countless incentives for customers to choose from. From renewable options and energy tax credits to incentives like travel credit and discounts for getting your neighbors to join, it seems impossible to compare providers and not find a good fit for your household or small business.

How do you decide which plan is best for you? There are multiple factors that go into creating a monthly electric bill that you won’t mind reading. Here are some questions to ask yourself about what you want out of your service provider:

  • How long do you want your contract to be? There are multiple lengths electric providers will offer their customers. There is the simple month-to-month contract in which there are no penalties/fees for changing companies at the end of the month. There are also the more typical 12 month or 24 month contracts.
  • How do you want to pay? Do you want your payments to be at a fixed rate every month, or would you prefer to pay a variable amount based on the economy/time of year? Both have pros and cons so it’s really up to you to decide which makes the most financial sense for your family.
  • Do you want your electricity to come from a green electric provider? Renewable energy comes in all forms – from putting solar panels on your roof to choosing a green electric provider. Many states, Pennsylvania included, have taken measures to ensure more green suppliers are available for their residents.

Renewable Options

Green power generally refers to the production of electricity using renewable sources like wind and solar. Once the technology is installed, there’s very little cost–environmental or financial–to producing more power. The resulting (green) electricity is low on guilt and high in market value. With the abundance of sunlight and wind power that Texas gets, green electric suppliers are widely popular.