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Washington DC Electricity Rates

Written By: Jason Ramach

Last Updated: 09/14/2023

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Washington D.C. is the U.S. Capital. With a population of over 700,000 Americans, it has a larger population than both Wyoming and Vermont. If you live in the Nation’s Capital, you don't have to be stuck with your utility's electricity supply. Thanks to Energy Choice, you have the power to switch electricity providers. You can use this power to save on your electricity bill, support renewable energy and more!

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District of Columbia
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ProviderPlan NameLengthRate Per kWhSign Up
12 Month Home Power Plan
12 Mo.11.69¢Select
Direct Energy
Live Brighter 6
6 Mo.12.99¢Select
Direct Energy
Live Brighter 12
12 Mo.13.39¢Select
Direct Energy
Live Brighter 18
18 Mo.14.09¢Select
Clearview Energy
Clear Guarantee 24
24 Mo.16.29¢Select
PlanRate Per kWh
12 Month Home Power Plan

12 Months
Direct Energy
Live Brighter 6

6 Months
Direct Energy
Live Brighter 12

12 Months
Direct Energy
Live Brighter 18

18 Months
Clearview Energy
Clear Guarantee 24

24 Months
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    Average Washington DC Electricity Costs

    The average residential Washington DC electricity rate is 12.63¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This is lower than the national average of 13.15¢ per kWh. DC residents also don’t consume as much electricity, using 704 kWh a month on average. In turn, the average electricity bill in the district is $88.89 a month, which is the 4th lowest in the US.

    electric meter


    Average Rate per/kWh

    electric plug

    704 kWh

    Average Usage per month

    electric bill


    Average Cost per month


    17th Highest

    Average Rate

    38th Highest

    Average Usage

    48th Highest

    Average Cost

    Source: US Energy Information Administration (EIA)

    District of Columbia Electricity Rates Trend

    Source: Energy Information Administration (EIA)

    How To Compare Electricity Plans In DC

    To compare and switch electricity providers in Washington DC, follow these three steps:

    Compare Electricity Rates

    1. Enter Your ZIP Code – To see plans available in your area
    2. Compare Electricity Plans and Providers – Take note of each plans electricity supply rate and features
    3. Select The Plan You Like – And fill out the necessary info

    That's it! Your new provider will take care of the rest.

    PEPCO will still deliver your electricity and bill you. You will see your new plan take effect within one to two billing cycles.

    Things To Keep In Mind While Comparing Plans

    By highlighting the most important aspects of each electricity plan, the Marketplace is designed to make comparing and switching plans a breeze. However, to instill even more confidence in your switch, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

    • Features Fixed-Rate Plans – This means that your electricity supply rate is locked in for the duration of your plan and you won't have to worry about unexpected rate increases.
    • There Are Renewable Electricity Plans – If you want a plan sourced from renewable energy, look for the 100% Renewable Sources label.
    • Some Providers Offer Special Plan Bundles – Some plans come bundled with special products or promotions that may work perfectly for you. These plans are clearly labeled.
    • Check The Plan Details For Any Other Info – Every plan has a Plan Details section where you can find info on cancellation fees, terms and conditions and pretty much any other information you need.

    Switching Made Simple

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    Learn More About Energy Choice in Washington DC

    Washington DC gained Energy Choice back in 2001 after it deregulated its electricity markets. Prior to this, you could only get your electricity supply from your utility provider, which is the entity that delivers your electricity. Today, your utility still delivers your electricity, but you can get your electricity supply from a number of competing providers.

    Energy Choice's primary benefit is that it gives consumers more control over their electricity. Most use this control to find electricity plans with lower electricity supply rates so they can lower their electricity bills. However, there are many more reasons to switch besides just saving.

    For instance, many electricity consumers enjoy the predictability of a fixed-rate plan. These plans can lock in a rate for years, so you don't have to worry about unexpected rate increases.

    Others like that they can support renewable energy through their electricity payments. This has become especially appealing as renewable energy has dropped in price.

    Renewable Electricity Plans In Washington DC

    With a 100% renewable energy mandate by 2032, better building efficiency standards, increased fees on fossil fuels and more, Washington DC's clean energy amendment has set some of the most ambitious clean energy goals in the country.

    However, you don't have to wait to make your own personal clean energy transition. With a renewable electricity plan, the money you spend on electricity supply every month directly supports renewable energy generators.

    In the past, these plans came at a large premium. But today, with the price of wind and solar dropping rapidly, renewable energy plans have become extremely affordable. In fact, there are some instances where a renewable plan can be the cheapest option available.

    How Switching Affects Your PEPCO Electricity Bill

    When you switch electricity providers, PEPCO still bills you and delivers electricity to your home. Since PEPCO must still be paid for this service, your charges are split into two different categories: delivery charges and supply charges.

    Delivery Charges

    • Delivery charges go to PEPCO to support the poles and wires that deliver electricity to your home
    • These charges are set by the DC Public Service Commission
    • These charges stay the same whether you switch electricity providers or not.

    Supply Charges

    • Supply charges pay for the electricity that you use
    • Supply charges go to your electricity provider
    • Switching electricity providers affects only the supply charges

    PEPCO DC Price To Compare

    The Price to Compare is the electricity supply rate if PEPCO is your electricity provider. If you've never switched providers, PEPCO is likely your electricity provider.

    The Price to Compare is the rate that you use to compare against competing electricity supply rates to see if you can save. The Price to Compare is listed on your PEPCO electricity bill.

    Electricity Providers In Washington DC

    To serve DC residents electricity suppliers must be approved by the district. Here's a list of some of the major players:

    To ensure you're getting the best service possible, works with the nation's leading electricity providers. On top of that, it also has its own electricity provider rating system, which you can use to ensure you find the best provider for you.

    Business Electricity Rates In Washington DC

    Businesses that take advantage of Energy Choice have much to gain as well. Switching providers can not only lock in a lower electricity rate, but it can also get you a plan that's designed to meet your business's needs. understands how important it is for businesses to find a plan that works for them. That's why it works with business providers that offer customized rates, energy bill optimization and more.

    Learn more by heading over to the business electricity page, or call (877)-455-4744 to speak to an energy advisor and tailor your next plan to your needs.

    Washington DC Energy Choice FAQs

    How much does electricity cost in Washington DC?

    The average cost of electricity in Washington DC is 12.63¢ per kilowatt-hour, which is the 22nd highest average rate when compared to the other states in the US.

    How does Energy Choice work in Washington DC?

    Energy Choice in Washington DC allows you to switch electricity providers to take advantage of lower rates and better electricity plans. Switching only affects your electricity supply rate. PEPCO still delivers electricity and bills you.

    How is electricity generated in Washington DC?

    The electricity Washington DC uses is primarily generated in surrounding states. Of what’s actually generated in the district, roughly 50% comes from small-scale solar, while a third comes from biomass. Natural gas makes up the rest.

    Source: EIA

    Where can I find my current electricity supply rate?

    You can find your current electricity supply rate on your electricity bill. This might be called the Price to Compare if PEPCO is your electricity provider.

    What’s the difference between utility providers and electricity providers?

    Utility providers deliver your electricity, while electricity providers supply the electricity you use. Where you live determines your utility provider. If you live in a state with Energy Choice, you have the option to switch electricity providers.