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Written By: Adam Cain

Last Updated: 11/10/2020

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Compare Ameren IL Electricity Rates

The Ameren Corporation is a utility company serving electricity to over 2.4 million customers in Missouri and Illinois. In Illinois, its service area covers three-quarters of the state. Ameren also operates the Ameren Corporate Charitable Trust donating millions to support local organizations across Illinois and Missouri.

If you're an Ameren customer in Illinois, you have Energy Choice. This means you have the ability to compare electricity providers and find the best rate for you. Keep reading to learn more about choosing the best electricity rates.

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Price to Compare 7.67¢

The electricity utility's price for electricity supply expressed as a price per kWh, to be used to contrast prices with competitive suppliers.

Best Electricity Rates
ProviderPlan NameLengthRate Per kWhSign Up
Green 12 Month Fixed Rate
12 Mo.8.8¢Select
Direct Energy
Live Brighter 6
6 Mo.9.79¢Select
Direct Energy
Live Brighter 12
12 Mo.9.99¢Select
18 Month Home Power Plan
18 Mo.10.49¢Select
Direct Energy
Go Green Lights 24
24 Mo.12.59¢Select
PlanRate Per kWh
Green 12 Month Fixed Rate

12 Months
Direct Energy
Live Brighter 6

6 Months
Direct Energy
Live Brighter 12

12 Months
18 Month Home Power Plan

18 Months
Direct Energy
Go Green Lights 24

24 Months
  • 100% Renewable Sources
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How To Compare Ameren Electricity Plans's goal is to make electricity shopping as easy as possible. All you have to do is follow this simple three-step process:

Compare Ameren Electricity Rates
  1. Enter your ZIP Code See plans available to Ameren customers
  2. Compare electricity providers and plans Compare rates, plan length, 100% renewable and smart home bundle options.
  3. Switch electricity providers After finding the right plan for you, select it and fill out the necessary information.

That's it! Your new provider will take over within one to two billing cycles and you still pay your electricity bills through Ameren. The only change for you is your electricity rate.

Ameren Illinois Service Area

Ameren's service area covers about three-quarters of the state, concentrated in central and southern Illinois.

Cities Served:

Ameren History and Energy Deregulation

Ameren itself is a relatively young company, first incorporated in Missouri 1995 and becoming a major player in 1997 when the Union Electric Company in Missouri and the Central Illinois Public Service Company, which would become Illinois Rate Zone I, joined forces. The company then acquired the Central Illinois Light Company – Rate Zone II – in 2003 and Illinois Power Company – Rate Zone III – in 2004. Ameren operated in Illinois as three separate utilities before combining into one company with three rate zones in 2010. Both Union Electric and CIPS date back as far as 1902.

In 1997, Illinois legislation restructured the utility generation and delivery model allowing third-party providers to deliver electricity. This is called Energy Choice or Electric Choice. Ameren customers now have the ability to choose between basic generation service delivered by Ameren or a competitive rate delivered by a third-party provider. The benefit of Electric Choice is the low fixed-rates that customers are offered as a result of energy companies competing for your service.

Reading Your Ameren Electricity Bill

There are two categories of charges that you'll find on your Ameren electricity billdelivery charges and supply charges. Supply charges are what you can take control of when you participate in Energy Choice.

Ameren Delivery Charges

  • Charged by Ameren
  • For the reliable delivery of energy to your home
  • Fixed no matter who your electricity provider is

Supply Charges

  • Charged by your electricity provider
  • Based on the supply rate and kWh used per month
  • Better rates available when you participate in Energy Choice

Ameren Price To Compare

The Price to Compare is your electricity supply rate if Ameren is your electricity provider. Ameren is your default electricity provider, so if you have not switched, your electricity is likely supplied through Ameren. When you're comparing electricity providers and plans, you can use the Price to Compare to see how much you will save if you switch from Ameren. You can find the Price to Compare on your most recent electricity bill.

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