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Champaign Electricity Rates

Located 135 miles south of Chicago, Champaign is the 10th most populous city in Illinois. Champaign has an estimated population of 84,651 and is home to the University of Illinois.

Starting in 1997, Champaign residents have had Energy Choice. This gives them the ability to shop and compare electricity supply rates. The Illinois Electric Service Customer Choice and The Rate Relief Law opened the energy market to the entire state of Illinois and allowed retail energy providers to start offering their electricity rates.

Get the Best Champaign Electricity Rates

Today, Champaign residents are able to shop and switch off their utility, Ameren, to 3rd party providers. Here are some of the best rates for Champaign residents.

Utility: Ameren
Price to Compare: 4.40¢ / kWh
Plan Term & Rate per kWh


24 Month Home Power Plan

24 months

Rates Updated: 9/23/2020 at 8:00 AM EST.

Compare Champaign Electricity Rates

There are several retail electricity providers that service the Champaign area. While many have plans with lower rates than Ameren, not all plans are created the same. Providers will generally offer a few different plans, each with a different electric supply rate, contract duration, rate type, and other incentives.

Home and small businesses should consider the following when comparing providers and their plans:

Electric Rates

Use our free Rate Comparison Tool to find available Champaign electricity rates. Go to the top of this page, type in your zip code, and select Ameren as your utility. Now you’re ready to compare your rate with the rates that the providers are offering.

The supply rate you’re currently paying are found on your most recent Ameren bill. The rate is expressed in cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and appears under the section, Electricity Supply. This rate is often referred to as your ‘Price-to-Compare’ and will look something like 400 kWh @ $0.0659. Here, the 6.59 cents is your Price-to-Compare. Compare this rate with the rates you see in the Compare & Switch list.

Rate Structure: Variable or Fixed?

Electricity plans come with either fixed or variable rates. Fixed-rate plans have one low rate that you will pay for the total length of your contract with the provider. Variable-rate plans will offer an initial rate, and then the rate is subject to change each month depending on wholesale electric prices and other factors.

Contract Lengths

Most providers will require you to agree to a contract. Contract lengths vary from as little as 3 months to as long as 36 months. Most customers are comfortable with a 6 to 24-month plan.

Renewable Energy Plans

Interested in powering your home or business with renewable electricity?  You will find that many providers are offering green electric plans that derive electricity from partial or 100% renewable sources such as wind and solar. These plans are quite affordable as well, with rates often below what you’re currently paying for traditional electric plans.

Electric Provider Incentives

Retail electricity providers want your business. For this reason, many offer incentives to keep you as a customer. Many providers offer sign-on bonuses, discounts on energy-related products and services, and rewards programs that allow you to earn free electricity, cash-back, airline miles, and more.

Switch Champaign Electricity Rates

You may sign up with the new provider through the Rate Comparison Tool. Through the tool, just click on the plan you want and fill out the contact and account information forms. you will need your most recent Ameren bill on hand so you can input your account information.

Remember, Ameren will continue to deliver your electricity with the same service and reliability as always. All that really changes is a different electricity supply rate on your monthly Ameren bill.

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