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How to Find the Best Energy Plans in Houston

Updated: 02/27/2023

Houston is facing higher energy rates than ever. And, if the Great Texas Freeze taught us anything, it’s that having a reliable energy plan from a reputable company is extremely important. However, rather than spending hours researching and trying to find the best electricity company, makes it easy to get started; simply enter your ZIP Code into the rate comparison tool at the top of the page.

How to Find the Best Energy Plans in Houston

The key to choosing the best energy plan for your Houston home or business is to compare all your options. When comparing power options, you can match them up against one another and choose the one with the most pros and minor cons. However, there are more than 130 retail electric providers in Texas, and many of them offer plans in Houston.

Therefore, you could be up for hours on end compiling a list of potential electricity companies. Or, you can trust the pros at and enter your ZIP Code into the rate comparison tool at the top of the page. From there, our personalized rate comparison tool will look at your home’s address, location, home size, and historical usage to get you electricity plans offered in your area.

Can I Switch Energy Plans in Houston?

Choosing the best energy plan in Houston isn’t just for people choosing their first electricity plan. It’s also for those currently enrolled in one but who want to switch. If that’s the case, switching to a new plan with is as easy as signing up in the first place.

Switching is fast, simple, and free. Follow this three-step process and complete the process in only a few minutes:

How to Switch Electricity Providers

    1. Enter your ZIP Code: Find the Rate Comparison Tool at the top of the page and get rates in your area
    2. Compare Providers: Compare low fixed-rate and 100% renewable energy plans from leading providers
    3. Switch & Save: Make your choice, and complete the sign-up process

That’s all it takes. Your new provider will take care of the rest, and there’s no need to call your local utility. Your new electricity rate will usually take hold in 1-2 billing cycles.

What to Look for In Houston Energy Plans

Whether you’re signing up for your first plan or searching for a new one, there are plenty of things to look for and avoid with electricity companies. Here are some of the things to look for when you’re looking at energy plans in Houston.

Hidden Rates and Transparency

Aside from outlandish rates and costs, the main thing to look for with energy plans in Houston is transparency. Hidden rates, costs, and fees are a bank account killer when it comes to electricity, and it’s how many power companies make their money. When shopping for an electricity provider in our marketplace, we show you all the hidden fees within the contract.

Benefits and Perks

While you want to avoid hidden fees, benefits and perks are a nice commodity. Electricity companies have started offering everything from free nights and weekends to free thermostats and gift cards when you sign up. Some will even offer incentives, like free veterinary care and visits if you’re a pet owner. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a plan with benefits that benefit you.

The Reputation of the Company

No matter how good an energy plan looks or how low the electricity rates are, you should never sign up for a plan with a company of ill repute. More than 130 electricity providers are in Houston and the surrounding area, and not all of them are winners.

The Right Plan for Your Usage

Finally, choosing a plan that’s right for your needs is vital. That usually means choosing a fixed-rate electricity plan from a reputable company. However, there are hundreds of fixed-rate plans to choose from, and many of them have confusing terms and rates. For example, most fixed-rate plans have tiered rates, which means that the price/kWh changes depending on how much electricity you use. Here’s an example.

The plan above will likely list its rate at 12 cents/kWh in this example. However, if you use less than 1,000 kilowatt-hours or more than 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, you’ll pay a higher rate. Therefore, it’s important to read and understand your Electricity Facts and Labels and trust the pros at

How to Compare Electricity Rates and Choose the Best Energy Plan in Houston

The best way to choose the right energy plan in Houston is by using We’re an electricity comparison tool that helps you understand your electricity company options and choose the best one. Here’s how it works.

  • Find out how much electricity you use on average each month.
  • Our intuitive search engine shops for the best rates based on your exact home address, location, home size, and actual usage.
  • A list of all the electricity companies in your area will pop up, giving you a personalized list of plans tailored to your home.
  • You can go through the list of plans and check things such as the listed rate, the tiered rates based on usage, your estimated bill, the REPs reputation, hidden fees, perks and benefits, and anything else you need to know about the plan.
  • Once you find the plan you like, you can select it and enroll immediately.
  • There won’t be any service interruptions while we switch you from your old plan to the new one. is the quickest and easiest way to compare rates and find the best electricity plan in your area. While it will be up to you to research each plan and find the one that fits your lifestyle the best, we make it as easy as possible. Once you know which plans you qualify for and have them neatly laid out in front of you, choosing the best one is a cinch. Houston, TX Location

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