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    Texas electricity supplier Entrust Energy announced on Tuesday, October 4, that it has expanded into several new markets in the state.

    Energy Choice Matters reports that Entrust Energy opened in mid-2010 with leadership from the Australian electricity industry. The company started out limited to the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas, growing to more than 150,000 accounts by September of this year.

    In October, however, the company expanded its services into three new utilities covering League City and portions of Lewisville, Abilene and San Angelo as well as Corpus Christi and Laredo. With these five major utility companies in the fold, Entrust now services all the regions in the state that allow Texas consumers to change electricity providers.

    “Our company was formed to offer Texans a better experience with their electricity provider,” Kevin West, vice president of sales & marketing for Entrust, said in a statement. “We are excited to offer service to even more residents in our home state.

    Though it requires a one-year contract for most of its customers, Entrust sells itself on the idea that it charges no fees for most services.