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Tomorrow Energy, formerly Sperian Energy, is a Houston based retail energy provider and a subsidiary of Sackett National Holdings, Inc,. Founded in 2011, Tomorrow Energy serves residential and commercial consumers in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, New York, Texas, and New Jersey. Tomorrow Energy prides themselves on exceptional customer service, innovative technology, and competitive electricity rates.

In June 2017, Tomorrow Energy hired Paul Keene to be its new CEO. Keene is a pioneer in the solar energy space and co-founded Together Solar. Keene was brought on board to lead Tomorrow Energy’s growth in both new and existing markets.

In February 2019, Sperian Energy officially changed their name to Tomorrow Energy.

Tomorrow Energy Electricity Rates

Tomorrow Energy helps residential and commercial consumers take advantage of their choice in a retail energy provider in the deregulated energy states they serve. They offer competitive rates that are based on factors like the fluctuation in energy generation pricing, market trends, and contract length. It’s important to remember that when you switch electricity providers, only the supply portion of your electricity bill will change. Your utility will still send you your bill and charge an electricity delivery fee. Here are the types of plans Tomorrow Energy offers:

  • Fixed Rate Plans– Tomorrow Energy offers fixed rate plans to lock in a rate for an extended period of time. These rates may be subject to an enrollment fee and/or early termination fee.
  • Variable Rate Plans– Tomorrow Energy offers variable rate plans without enrollment fees or early termination fees. However, rates are subject to change each month.

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