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How to Compare Energy Rates in Houston

Updated: 02/27/2023

There are many great ways to save money, and one of them is on your monthly electricity bill. The economy is unstable and unpredictable, energy prices are soaring, and inflation is at an all-time high. So, when there’s a chance to save money, you should take it.

However, finding an electricity provider can take time and effort. While comparing energy rates might seem like a small task, there are more than 130 retail electric providers across the great state of Texas, and many have different rates and plans. Comparing electricity rates on your own can take hours, if not days. Instead of wasting time comparing rates on your own, you should use to assist you.

Why is It Necessary to Compare Energy Rates in Houston

Because much of Texas has deregulated electricity rates, each residential and business customer in deregulated areas have the Power to Choose their own plan. However, while the power to choose is great, you could be sifting through hundreds of electricity plans to find the right one.

So, unless you want to spend several days trying to find the right electricity plan, enter your ZIP Code into our rate comparison tool at the top of the page. We’ll then compile a list of all the plans available in your area and recommend them from best to worst. Ultimately, the final decision is still yours, but we make it much easier to reach a fitting conclusion. will lay out all the information you need in a way that’s easy to read and understand, including the rate, Facts and Label sheet, reputation of the company offering the plan, and much more.

Who Has the Cheapest Energy Rates in Houston?

Because of how volatile and unpredictable the energy market is in all of Texas, the most affordable electricity company is constantly changing. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right plan and lock yourself into an affordable fixed-rate contract. The best way to do that is by entering your ZIP Code into our rate comparison tool at the top of the page and allowing us to do the legwork for you.

What is a Good Price/kWh in Houston?

The state average electricity rate is currently around 12 cents/kWh. However, with rates expected to rise again, it’s important to act now and choose your electricity plan. By locking yourself into a fixed-rate contract when the rates are low, you can enjoy affordable prices when the rates rise because yours won’t go up with the rest of Texas.

The same goes for choosing a commercial electricity plan for your business. In most cases, business electricity rates are lower than residential ones, and the current average is around 9 cents/kWh. However, you’ll only partake in electricity savings if you compare energy rates for your business and choose the right plan.

How Much Money Can You Save by Comparing Energy Rates?

When you compare energy plans using, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. Choosing the right plan means more than finding the lowest rate. It also means taking your electricity usage and living situation into consideration. When you use us to compare energy rates, we’ll give you all the information you need to make the right decision.

How Do I Find the Best Electric Rates in Houston?

The only surefire way to find the best electric rates in Houston is by using an energy comparison tool, but beware, not all work with their customer’s best interests in mind. Energy comparison tools use your location to compile a list of electricity plans in your area.

How to Compare Texas Electricity Rates Infographic

Some rate comparison tools also act as an energy concierge service in that they choose the plan and sign you up for it on your behalf. They then monitor your plan, re-enroll you when it expires, and ensure there aren’t any issues.

However, the issue with using an energy comparison who acts as a concierge service is that you don’t have any say in your electricity plan. While these comparison tools may mean well, they’re controlled by algorithms and technology rather than intuition and your opinion. Your living situation may change in the future, but most comparison tools don’t consider that when choosing your plan.

As a result, you might get locked into a two to four-year electricity plan when a 12-month plan would have been a better option. Getting locked into the wrong plan by an energy comparison tool could cost you hundreds of dollars annually.

What is the Best Way to Compare Energy Rates in Houston?

At, we believe you know your electricity needs better than we do. That’s why when you use us to compare energy rates, we leave the final decision up to you. We employ intelligent technology that uses your exact home address, home’s square footage, and usage history to compile a list of electricity plans to fit your needs.

We understand that you want control over how you spend your money and where it goes. That’s why we’re only here to serve as a tool to compare energy rates. While we’ll also recommend the best one, we’ll leave the power to choose up to you. Houston, TX Location

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