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Written By: Adam Cain

Last Updated: 11/23/2020

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El Paso Electric

If you are among the 380,000 El Paso Electric customers in West Texas, you can save on your electric bills by switching to a retail electricity provider that offers lower rates than what you're currently paying through El Paso Electric. Electric choice has been around in Texas for quite some time, creating lower electric supply rates, more customized and flexible plans, and more innovative products and services than can help you save even more.

When customers make the switch, not much changes besides a different rate on their monthly electric bills. El Paso Electric will continue to deliver and service your electricity with the same reliability as always. Due to electric choice in Texas, El Paso Electric is only permitted to profit from the distribution and transmission portions of electric service and not the actual electricity, so there's no incentive for El Paso Electric to want to keep you as a supply customer.

El Paso Electric Service Areas

El Paso Electric serves over 380,000 customers in West Texas, including the entire county of El Paso and parts of Hudspeth and Culberson Counties.

Compare El Paso Electricity Rates

Here at, we've gathered the most relevant and useful information that will help you find the best El Paso Electric rates and plans for your specific needs.

Medium and large businesses can shop around by contacting several available providers to negotiate the best El Paso Electric rates. Just fill out our Business Electricity Rate form, and we'll reach out to our network of providers and negotiate the best rate for you. There's no obligation to switch, so you have nothing to lose by high electricity rates.

Residents and small businesses can shop around by entering their ZIP Code in our free Compare & Switch tool, located on the top of this page. After you've selected El Paso Electric as your utility, you'll see a list of providers along with supporting pricing information.

Keep in mind, though that rate pricing isn't everything. You'll want to consider how long you want to be under a contact, the rate structure (fixed v. variable), and what types of value-adding incentives the plan offers.

Learn more about comparing electricity plans here.

Switch El Paso Electricity Rates

Have you found the best provider and plan for your home or business's needs? If so, switching is fast, convenient, and easy. Switch through the free Compare & Switch tool by clicking on the electricity plan of your choice and filling out the online form. You'll want to have a recent El Paso Electric utility bill on hand in either case so you can provide your account information. There's no need to contact El Paso Electric since the new provider will do all the switching for you.

The reliability of your electric service will not change, since distribution and transmission are the responsibility of El Paso Electric. You'll still call the utility when there are issues such as power outages and downed power lines, and you should continue to receive your utility bill from El Paso Electric.