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Updated: 11/23/2021

In 1999, Ohio opened up the electricity market to competition, giving consumers more control over their electricity through Energy Choice. With, taking advantage of Ohio Energy Choice has never been easier. Our simple and secure platform will have you comparing great rates from leading suppliers in seconds, and switching in minutes.

Whether you want to lock in a low rate for years, switch to renewable energy or just want to save as much as possible on your energy bills, can help. To get started, enter your ZIP Code at the top of this page.

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ProviderPlan NameLengthRate Per kWhSign Up
Energy Harbor
Safe Harbor 36
36 Mo.9.68¢Select
Energy Harbor
Safe Harbor 36
36 Mo.9.89¢Select
Energy Harbor
Safe Harbor 24
24 Mo.10.19¢Select
Clearview Energy
Clear Guarantee 12
12 Mo.13.49¢Select
PlanRate Per kWh
Energy Harbor
Safe Harbor 36

36 Months
Energy Harbor
Safe Harbor 36

36 Months
Energy Harbor
Safe Harbor 24

24 Months
Clearview Energy
Clear Guarantee 12

12 Months
  • 100% Renewable Sources
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What Is Energy Choice?

In most states, where you get your energy and how much you pay for it depends on where you live. The utility provider that serves your area distributes and supplies your energy, and you don't have much say in the matter.

Energy Choice lets you switch energy suppliers, which allows you to get your energy supply from a company that's not your local utility. In Ohio, residents and businesses have the ability to switch both electricity and natural gas suppliers. Those that do can realize many potential benefits:

  • Save On Your Bills – Switch to a plan with a lower supply rate, and you can save on your energy supply.
  • Rate Stability – Lock in your supply rate with a fixed-rate plan for up to three years.
  • Renewable Energy Plans – Support renewable generation by sourcing your electricity from clean energy sources.

With Ohio Energy Choice, your utility provider is your energy supplier by default. If you decide to switch suppliers, your utility provider will still distribute energy to your home and bill you. This means you won't need to do anything different when you switch. You only need to look out for your new supplier and energy rate on your energy bill.

PUCO Apples To Apples Website

Energy Choice Ohio can also refer to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) energy shopping website, PUCO is a government organization that regulates utilities in the state.

The site’s slogan, “Apples to Apples,” references the plethora of options you can compare. Since any licensed supplier can feature plans, there are hundreds of plans to sift through. However, because of this, PUCO's site can be overwhelming, making it difficult to know whether you're getting a good deal.

This is why many Ohioans use With an expertly curated Marketplace that features low-cost plans from the best suppliers in the industry, finding the perfect plan for you is a breeze.

How To Compare Electricity Suppliers And Plans In Ohio

Graphic showing steps to compare rates
  1. Enter Your ZIP Code – Enter your ZIP Code above to see plans and providers available in your area.
  2. Compare Electricity Providers & Plans – Pay attention to each plan's terms, rate and length.
  3. Switch Electricity Providers – After finding the plan for you, select it, fill out the necessary info, and switch.

How To Find The Right Plan For You

When comparing electricity plans, you want to consider the following factors.

Type of Plan

In Ohio, there are two major types of electricity plans to choose from:

  • Fixed-Rate Plan – Plan locks in your electricity supply rate for the duration of your contract.
  • Variable-Rate Plan – Your electricity supply rate changes (usually from month to month) depending on market factors, and more. primarily features fixed-rate plans because they are predictable and more likely to save you money than variable-rate plans.

Plan Length

The plan length is the length of your contract. If you select a fixed-rate plan, this is the length of time that your supply rate will be locked in for. features plans that can lock in your rate for up to three years.

It's important to remember that some plans have early termination fees if you cancel before the end of your contract. Take note of any of these fees prior to signing up.

Energy Supply Rate

Your energy supply rate is the rate that you use to compare plans. If you get your electricity supply from your utility provider, this is often called the price to compare. You can find your energy supply rate on your bill.

Want to learn more about switching electricity suppliers? Check out our guide on switching electricity suppliers in Ohio.

Energy Choice Ohio FAQs

How do I choose an electricity supplier in Ohio?

The best way to choose an electricity supplier in Ohio is to use an electricity shopping website like There you can compare multiple plans and suppliers so you can find the perfect plan for you.

What is the difference between a utility provider and energy supplier?

A utility provider distributes energy, while an energy supplier supplies the energy you use. In Ohio, your utility provider is also your energy supplier by default, but you have the option to switch energy suppliers to take advantage of lower rates. If you switch energy suppliers, your utility will still deliver energy to your home.

How do renewable energy plans work?

Renewable energy plans ensure that no matter how much electricity you use, an equal amount of renewable energy enters the electric grid. While the electricity that you use will still come from a mix of fossil fuels and renewables, these plans ensure the money you spend on electricity supply each month supports renewable energy generation.