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elizabeth nj electricity rates

Elizabeth Electricity Rates

Electricity rates in New Jersey have been consistently higher than the average electricity rates in the nation. The good news is that residents and businesses in Elizabeth, New Jersey are eligible to participate in electric choice. This means that homes and businesses can shop around for a retail electricity provider that offers lower electric supply rates than what they’re currently paying through Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G) or another retail electricity provider.

If you decide to lower your electric bill by switching to a retail electricity provider, rest assured that PSE&G will continue to deliver and service your electricity with the same reliability as always. The only change that you’ll see is a different supply rate on your monthly electric bill.

If you live in Elizabeth and want to make the switch from PSE&G or another retail electricity provider, learn how to below:

Switch Elizabeth Electricity Rates

There are three easy steps that PSE&G customers can take to switch electricity providers:

1. Use our Compare & Switch Tool (it’s FREE!)

Browsing through  retail electricity providers can be a time consuming process, so we decided to do the work for you.

Our free Compare & Switch tool takes out the hard work because it presents you with the best rates and plans available from some of the most reputable providers in your area. Just type your zip code into the box located on the right side of  of this page, click “Search”, and then select PSE&G as your utility. After the list is presented, go onto step two.

2. Compare Elizabeth Electricity Providers

Take a look at your most recent PSE&G electricity bill to find the rate that you’re currently paying. You’ll want to compare this supply rate with the rates offered by the retail electricity providers in the Compare & Switch tool. You will also need your PSE&G bill close by for your account information when you make the switch.

When comparing Elizabeth electricity rates and providers consider the following items:

  • Fixed or Variable: There are two types of rates under an electric supply plan: fixed and variable. With fixed-rate plans, one rate is offered and cannot change for the duration of the contract. Variable-rate plans, on the other hand, have fluctuating rates that vary along with market wholesale prices and will change each month. The choice is yours.
  • Shorter or Longer Term Contracts: Contracts with retail electricity providers can last as little as 3 months and as long as 36 months.
  • Does the Provider Require Switching Fees: Some providers – not all – will require a one-time small fee for switching to their service.
  • Does the Provider Offer Incentives to Switch: Some providers may offer sign-on bonuses, discounts on energy-related products and services, and more. Many providers even offer rewards programs in which you can earn free electricity, cash-back, airline miles, travel and dinning rewards, and more.
  • Would You Like a Renewable Electricity Plan: Fortunately for all of us, renewable electricity is more affordable than ever before. Many retail electricity providers now offer Green plans that allow you to power your home or business with partial or 100% renewable electricity. What’s even better is that many of these plans have rates that are still below the default rates of PSE&G.

3. Change Elizabeth Electricity Rates

Switching is fast and easy once you’ve selected the best provider for your home or business. The only thing you’ll need to switch is your PSE&G account information, which can be found a recent PSE&G utility bill. The easiest way to switch is through our free Compare & Switch tool. Just click on the plan that you want to switch to and fill out the online form.

Remember, if you switch to a retail electricity provider, PSE&G will continue to deliver and service your electricity with the same reliability as before. PSE&G will continue to deliver your electricity to your home or business, deliver your monthly bill, maintain the wires and poles that send electricity to your home or business, and respond to any power related emergencies. The only real change for you is a different rate on your monthly bill.