When most Oncor customers try to save on their electricity bills, they usually compare Texas electricity rates and switch providers. But it’s not the only way. In fact, Oncor has a program dedicated to helping homeowners and businesses save on their energy bills.

Its program, Take A Load Off, Texas, provides incentives to make upgrades ranging from solar roofs to smart thermostats to basic insulation, helping you save on the upfront investment, while you continue to reap energy-saving benefits down the line.

What Is Take A Load Off, Texas

Take A Load Off, Texas is an incentive program run by Oncor Electric Delivery. It encourages homeowners and businesses to purchase energy upgrades by making them more affordable. These upgrades curb energy usage, which lowers energy bills. This allows you to save on both your upgrade and your electric bill. To participate, Oncor must be your local utility.

Oncor institutes this program every year. In 2019, the program had a budget of $42.6 million and helped nearly 52,500 Oncor customers upgrade their energy equipment. They expect that 243 million kilowatt-hours of energy will be saved because of those upgrades, enough to power 17,000+ homes for a year.

Take A Load Off, Texas Supported Upgrades

Oncor’s program supports a wide range of upgrades, including some for businesses. The home upgrades fall under the following categories:

  • Home Energy Efficiency Program – This covers a variety of upgrades, from A/C to heating to insulation. 
  • Residential Solar Program – Supports the installation of PV solar panels. 
  • Oncor Retail Products Program – Showcases stores with sales on LED lighting products and offers a discount coupon for smart thermostats (offering up to $50 dollars off) at participating retailers. 

How To Take Advantage Of Take A Load Off, Texas

Head over to the Take A Load Off, Texas website to get started. When you arrive, click on “Your Home,” select the upgrade you’re looking for and type in your ZIP Code. 

After that, the site provides a list of participating companies/contractors. It is important to note that these incentives go to the businesses, not to you the consumer. So it is good to give a few of them a call and ask for quotes before proceeding, especially if it is a bigger project like a solar roof.

So if you have been debating on getting your home re-insulated, or just want that deal on a smart thermostat, take a look at Oncor’s program. You may be able to save in more ways than one.

Jason Ramach

Jason Ramach

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