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    With lower temperatures and snow right around the corner, PECO has been preparing for the long winter months. This preparation includes more than a dozen projects to make sure customers will have reliable heat and electricity during these upcoming winter months. These projects range from spending around $100 million inspecting and repairing PECO’s natural gas system to inspecting more the 2,000 manholes and 10,000 miles of aerial electric lines.

    "Our customers depend on us to safely deliver the energy they need , this is particularly critical during the colder winter months," Craig Adams, president and CEO told MarketWatch. "The completion of these projects marks months and months of work to ensure we are ready to meet their needs."

    With the Farmers’ Almanac predicting a snowy and unreasonably cold winter for Pennsylvania, PECO’s projects will hopefully make a world of difference for its customers.

    Check back here for more PECO updates as well as tips on how to save and stay warm during the winter months.

    Source: MarketWatch