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    Some New Yorkersmay have gotten a bit of a scare Thursday evening when they looked up and saw a bright blue light in the sky. The strange light caused speculation from Ghost Busters to extraterrestrials.

    Some took to Twitter to find answers:

    Ultimately, they found that the causeof thelight was due to a Con Edison transformer explosion and an electricalfire that gave off the bright blue glow. Still, the NYPD had to put to rest any concerns of alien invaders.

    The explosions sparked multiple outages acrossNew York City and a few airports including Laguardia.

    Transformers are directors of energy flowing through an electricity generation system. So damage that makes the transformer unable to regulate its temperature makes those transformers more vulnerable to exploding or catching fire.

    While some Queens residents lost power temporarily, many were relieved that New York City was not getting attacked by aliens and theapocalypse was not coming.