bladeless wind turbines may be the future of renewable wind energy

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    bladeless wind turbines may be the future of renewable wind energy

    Wind energy is an essential part of the US renewable energy portfolio and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. States like Texas, California, and Illinois rely heavily on wind energy production as a part of their renewable energy initiatives. Currently, when you pass a wind turbine field you see enormous 300 feet tall structures weighing a couple hundred tons each with their 3 huge blades turning in the wind. These turbines are expensive to produce and very costly to service due to their massive size and moving parts. However, this could change soon due to a revolutionary change in wind turbine design.

    Vortex Bladeless, and a couple other companies around the world, are working on designing a completely bladeless wind turbine. These new wind turbines have no rotating blades and are built to stand straight up and oscillate side to side with wind vortices to create energy. They are a fraction of the size of current wind turbines and are expected to drastically reduce costs to produce and maintain. Vortex Bladeless’ mission is to make these bladeless wind turbines as affordable as a solar panel.

    The issues many people have with current with wind turbines is the amount of money they cost to make and maintain, the amount of space they need to operate and the noise they create with all their moving parts. The bladeless wind turbines are built to be virtually silent, can be attached to nearly any stable structure and at a price that is affordable at even a residential level. Also, because they contained very few moving parts, the cost of maintenance will be very minimal.

    However, the bladeless wind turbines do not capture wind vortices and convert it into energy as efficiently as current wind turbines do. Because of this limitation, a large-scale replacement of current wind turbines to bladeless turbines isn't in the near future. This is something Vortex Bladeless hopes to accomplish down the road as technology advances and the bladeless fans become more energy efficient.

    Much like solar panels, Vortex Bladeless hopes to make renewable wind energy an affordable solution for homeand business owners. They hope that by reducing costs, noise and space needed to produce wind energy that their bladeless wind turbines will revolutionize the wind energy market and make wind energy available to everyone. As more companies like Vortex Bladeless continue to develop their bladeless wind turbine technology and make them more efficient, we may be seeing more and more of these bladeless fans attached to homes and businesses. Only time will tell if these revolutionary new wind turbine designs will someday be a viable replacement for current large wind turbines.