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How to Find the Best Electric Rates in DFW

Written By: Jesse Shaver

Last Updated: 07/12/2023

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The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area is one of the largest and most populous regions in Texas. As such, it’s also home to one of the most competitive electric markets in the state. With a population of over 6.5 million people and more moving there every day, REPs in Dallas and Fort Worth are drowning in customers and competition.

While competition is good in keeping electricity rates low, finding the perfect plan for your needs can also make it tough. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best electric rates in DFW, you’ve come to the right place. This article contains helpful tips and tricks to help you choose the right power company. We’ll also tell you who to turn to if you need assistance finding the best electric rates in DFW.

What is the Average Electricity Rate in DFW?

As we said before, the DFW area has one of Texas’s most competitive electricity markets. As a result, it also has some of the most volatile and fluctuating rates. It is difficult to give an accurate average electricity rate because they constantly change. In general, however, the average electricity rate in DFW is between 12.5 and 14 cents/kWh.

Who is the Cheapest Electricity Provider in Dallas?

As with electricity rates, the companies providing them are constantly changing their rates and plans. Once again, this makes it difficult to pinpoint who the cheapest electricity provider in Dallas-Fort Worth is. If you want to find such a provider, enter your ZIP Code into the free rate comparison tool at the top of the page. We’ll display a list of your area’s cheapest and best electricity providers!

Who Has the Cheapest Electricity Rates in Fort Worth, Texas?

Because of how close Fort Worth is to Dallas, the electricity situation is no different. The company with the cheapest electricity rates today might have the most expensive rates tomorrow, depending on what happens. So, rather than trying to find the cheapest electricity rates in Fort Worth, you should instead look for the best company with a plan that meets your needs. If that’s your goal, is here to help!

Can I Switch Electric Providers?

If you’re determined to find the best electric rates in DFW, it might be necessary to switch electricity providers. After all, if you are just now getting worried about your electricity plan, there’s a good chance you didn’t choose the best company the first time around. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to switch electric providers in Texas, check out our resource page, How to Switch Energy Providers for in-depth information on the process.

The best time to switch electric providers is at the end of your current contract. Technically you can do it anytime but know you might have to pay early termination fees. Check your current contract terms and conditions to see when your plan expires.

When switching, will assist you with the process. You can complete the process online, and we’ll help you choose the right provider for your needs.

Tips For Finding the Best Electric Rates in DFW

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing an electricity plan is confusing the cheapest and best rates. While finding a low, affordable rate is important, the cheapest rate isn’t always the best rate, and here’s why.

Tiered Electricity Rates

In Texas, retail electric providers use a tiered pricing system within their electricity plans. This means that your electricity rate might change depending on how much electricity you use. For example, let’s say you see an electricity plan with a rate listed at 11 cents/kWh. What you may not see, however, is that this rate is based on using 2,000 kWh of electricity.

If you use less than 2,000 kWh, your electricity rate might jump to 15 or or more, depending on your usage. Unfortunately, you might not notice this price change unless you carefully examine each electricity plan.

That’s why when searching for an electricity plan with the best electric rates in DFW, you should utilize We show you the tiered rates for each plan based on usage. Our personalized marketplace can get you the most accurate rates based on your home address, square footage, and usage history. This will help you choose the right plan for your needs.

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If you’re serious about choosing a plan with the best electric rates in DFW, enter your ZIP Code into our free rate comparison tool at the top of the page. Once you do that, we’ll collect a list of the best electricity plans with the lowest rate in your area. We’ll organize these plans based on their rates, perks, benefits, hidden fees, and other factors. Best of all, we’ll do this in seconds, whereas it could take you hours or days to complete the same task.

Our only goal is to make choosing the right electricity plan as easy as possible. We do this by displaying plan details that are easy to read and understand. However, we believe that you know your needs better than we do. That’s why we only make recommendations at, but we will always leave the final decision up to you. Dallas, TX Location

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