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Respond Power

Updated: 11/18/2020

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Provider Snapshot

  • Founded: 2005
  • Headquarters: Houston, TX
  • Service Areas: NJ, PA

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While Texas has drawn a lot of attention for its efforts at electricity deregulation, some of the hottest markets for competitive electricity in the U.S. can actually be found in the northeast. In particular, Pennsylvania has finally ended the rate caps that kept retail electricity providers from competing with the local utilities.

With competition growing the northeast, many electricity providers have begun to emerge in the region to help serve the many customers that now have the option to shop for lower electricity rates.

About Respond Power

Among this group of newer electricity companies is Respond Power, a New York City-based provider serving both residential and commercial customers that quickly expanded into two of the other nearby markets, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Respond Power is an affiliate of energy service company Major Energy, which also serves residential and commercial customers in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and now Illinois and New Jersey. Both companies were founded in 2005 in New York, specifically intending to specialize in the northeast energy market. Aside from electricity, both Respond Power and Major Energy offer natural gas services.

Respond Power Electricity Services

Many electricity providers primarily offer fixed electricity rates that are intended to stabilize residents electricity bills, but Respond Power takes a different approach, emphasizing variable rates. These plans allow customers to take advantage of the dips in wholesale electricity prices, as the cost of fuels like coal and natural gas go down.

Though Respond Power does not offer renewable electricity plans, it does run a program that lets customers support local groups by donating a portion of their electricity bill. This comes out of the listed electricity rate and is not tacked on afterward, and Respond provides even more options than most by allowing people to input the name of the group they would like to support.